Maybe we should not have been drinking bourbon when planning trip for the Bourbon Trail.
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Schedule FAIL = looking for something to do today in Louisville, KY before dinner.

A friend and I decided spur of the moment that this weekend would be a good time to check out some of the distilleries on the Bourbon Trail. We drove from Chicago yesterday and only made it down in time to hit Heaven Hill (great fun!). Most distilleries are closed on Sunday, with the exception of Jim Beam, and we're going to try to visit Woodford and either Four Roses or Maker's tomorrow before getting back on the road heading home. However! We just discovered this morning that while Jim Beam is open on Sundays, it's not open on Sundays in January or February. Oops. So now we've got a day to kill in the area around Louisville.

I found this previous question and I think checking out the BBC for lunch would be a lot of fun. Anything else in that area that we should check out? We've got dinner plans already, so are looking for something to do between now and then. Thanks for helping salvage the trip, Hivemind!
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The Ali museum is very good and you can easily kill a couple of hours there. That would be my top recommendation of you.

For free art, check out the Museum Hotel, 21c.

If you really like historical weaponry, the Frazier Museum has quite an impressive collection. Swords! Guns! More guns! Even more guns!
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The Speed Art Museum is well worth the price of admission.
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The slugger museum isn't producing bats today, but the tour is still cool
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Hi, I'm from Louisville. Two places that are really unique to Louisville that I recommend you check out are Frankfort Ave and Bardstown Road. Lots of little independent shops such as bookstores, music shops, boutiques, art galleries and a ton of great restaurants to choose from. If you do not have a restaurant picked out yet, I can make some great suggestions based on what kind of cuisine you're interested in if you want to contact me through the messaging system. It's definitely an area worth checking out to get a feel for the city.

Main street is also a historic area, with lots of museums and all the older building have cast iron fronts, which I always thought was really cool. Also if you choose to go to main street, There are other attractions within walking distance, like the waterfront park, it might be a little (or a lot) cold this time of year, but if you're from Chicago you can handle it :) or if you're interested in the nightlife 4th street live, not my cup of tea but it attracts a lot of out-of-towners. There are some great restaurants on main street as well, like Luigi's a place my boyfriend and I really enjoy, Bristol bar & grill, Bistro 301 and a good place for lunch which is on 4th street, but still in walking distance BBC and Safier's

I have a ton more suggestions but really it depends what you like, so if you want send me a quick message and I could send you in the right direction to check out the best of Louisville. What part of town are you all staying in?
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You also might want to check out this website, basically a bunch of local businesses listed, Keep Louisville Weird. There's so much more than that, so that's just scratching the surface.
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Walk around Old Louisville and look at the architecture. I lived in that neighborhood for 12 years and never got tired of that.
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Go to Cumberland Brews on Bardstown Rd for lunch. The beer, food and atmosphere are all wonderful (a way-cooler spot than BBC).
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Thanks everyone!

For future searchers: We ended up walking up 4th street to the river and then having lunch at the BBC (the bourbon barrel stout is particularly good). Afterwards we checked out Main street and the Frazier Museum. The museum was a lot of fun and a great way to spend the afternoon. Not quite as great as touring another of the distilleries would have been, but it definitely helped salvage the afternoon. On our way to dinner we also drove through the Frankfort Ave and Bardstown Road area and even detoured through Cherokee Park (wish we could have seen it in the summer, but it looked like the sledding was fun!).

Anyway, thanks again for the suggestions. AskMefi to the rescue again!
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