Looking for some cooperative video games my husband and I can play together.
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Looking for some cooperative video games my husband and I can play together.

We played World of Warcraft for quite a few years but we've stopped now. We've been searching for some games we can play together that aren't so time consuming. We played Portal 2 together and the co-op mode for that is pretty much exactly what we're looking for. Cheaper = better, of course.

The difficulty: I have a Mac [1] and he has Windows and both computers are both ~3 years old. This limits us a fair amount.

[1] I can't install Windows using Bootcamp right now as my superdrive bit the dust and you have to have a physical disc to install, plus I don't feel like buying a Windows license.
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The original Halo is fun with 2 people and can be strategically challenging due to impressive enemy AI. It's available for the PC and Mac and probably sub $15 by now.
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If you like this sort of thing, Diablo III fits the bill nicely. It's out for the mac, it is not graphics intensive, though it looks great, and it is co-op to a fault. It even has separate loot for each coop player. I'm not sure what a 3-year old mac looks like, specs-wise, but if you dial down the graphics and you can get it to run it should be a good fit.

Oh and it's tons of fun.
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We very much enjoy Left 4 Dead 2. It's more violent than Portal, but not too bad. My boyfriend has a Mac but boots into windows for it, though he assures me there's a Mac version as well. We've played it about once a month for about 2 years now and haven't tired much of it. There's room for 4 players, which we sometimes take advantage of, but most often we play just the two of us with the computer controlling the other two people.
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Another bungie option: Myth Soulblighter. Fifteen-year-old combat strategy game with a sense of humor. You can download the demo and try the tutorial, and if you like it buy a cheap copy of the full game somewhere and download the open source program to install and run it on today's hardware. As a casual (ten minutes or so per game) multiplayer (eight players maximum I think) game, it is quite charming and old school.
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Is Minecraft out of the question? You can build/explore collaboratively, download mods (see Yogbox, Technic Pack), and even download custom adventure maps. Also, there's a Metafliter server you can play on with a bunch of other people as well (see Mefightclub for more info on that). I think Minecraft itself is about $20 now, but a lot of the content for it is free.
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Oh, I just caught the coop part. I think myth has that, but can't remember for certain.
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Seconding minecraft.
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I'm playing Diablo 3 on a 4 year old iMac with an old ATI 2600 pro video card. I find that I don't need to scale back the graphics if I run it slightly minimized in window mode instead of full display size.
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Nthing Diablo3. I never played the previous version online, but a few friends of mine have strongarmed me into playing with them over the past week with Diablo 3 and it's a blast. We talk over a Skype voice channel to coordinate, but if you're in the same room it'd be even easier.

If Diablo 3 is a little too taxing for your older hardware, Torchlight II (which is a similar concept and made by a bunch of ex Blizzard guys) will be out very soon and is a very similar style.

Not sure if you're into the more twitchy FPS style games, but Team Fortress 2 is free on Steam and can be quite fun to play on the same team as a mini-squad of two. My daughter and I used to do that.
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Steam > Mac > Co-Op Games
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The LEGO games are co-op, based around popular themes, cute, not too hard and good fun.

I liked the Star Wars one, but they also have Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean.
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Trine 2 is a great physics puzzle game designed for co-op. Pretty cheap, available for Mac and PC, and should run fine on older computers.
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Borderlands (Mac, PC; info on cross-platform co-op).
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A Valley Without Wind sounds perfect for you - cheaper then Diablo, under heavy development guided by player requests, very fun. It's not super story oriented though so it might not be perfect.
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Oh and AVWW is wonderfully cross platform.
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Terrarium is a 2-D version of Minecraft, which I prefer as I struggle with 3D games.

My SO and I play LA Noire together, with one of us controlling the gameplay. It works really well as a lot of the game is about decision-making and deduction.
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If you have a Wii or get a emulator (free) you can play Toejam & Earl, which is what my wife and I play cooperatively. Great if you're not into twitch gaming.

We've also played Titan Quest, which is decent but is a bit of a click-fest, and apparently D3 has improved on this drawback a bit.
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