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I'm looking for a free service (in the USA) that will forward text messages or SMS to my email account. (What can I say... I'm home working on my computer far, far more often than I am out and about with my cell, and my cell gets horrible reception here at home!) Thanks for any and all help!!
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I don't know of any personally that will forward your txt/SMS messages to your email inbox (sorry), but this might be an option for you:

I was able to download a small application from my provider's (Cingular/AT&T) website that allows me to send and receive text/SMS from my laptop and is formatted like an email inbox.
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Look into the line of Jeyo products and see if these may work for you. I personally love Mobile Companion and Mobile Extender.

How much do I love it? I personally don't pay for software and I'll be purchasing a license for Mobile Extender later tonight.
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This (web page that I'm not sure I'm linking to correctly-- see below on how to find the link if it gets eaten)

is basically the opposite of what you're looking for--it does "send sms FROM email."

BUT, the reason I linked to it is because lifehacker has all kinds of goodies related to this topic. You might want to poke around a little over there, or more specifically, check out the page I linked to (which I found by searching the website, putting in no more than "sms email"), and you might be able to get what you're looking for in some of these sites anyway.

good luck!
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