I don't want the Beta! I want the working stable version!
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Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac 2.0 Beta is out. But now I can't find the non-beta version that I know works. Where can I find it?

I hate when they do this - release a Beta and remove the stable version.

I just recommended it to someone and got a "you're a life saver". I told them I'd send them either a link or the .dmg file.

But all I can find at the moment is the Beta, which may or may not work.

Any ideas?
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Here you go. Version 1.0.3.
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That link is right off the downloads page. Did you spend any time looking around?
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.

-makes ashamed face-
-makes duuuuuuuuuh sounds-
-gropes blindly in direction of keyboard-
-resolves not to trust google to find things-
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In my experience the microsoft client v1 is pretty flaky too. I use cord, and although it's not perfect it's better.
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seconding cord
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thanks for the suggestion for Cord, been looking for something better than Microsoft's official client.
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The 2.0 beta is a million times more stable than the 1.03 version on all my macs. The old version randomly crashes all the time and I haven't had a single issue with the beta since it came out. I used to be a CoRD user until the beta came out. It beats them all.
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I'll second the Cord suggestion, particularly if you ever need to connect to more than one machine.

I used 1.03 of the Microsoft client for a long time, but since Microsoft brought out the 2.0 beta and Cord brought out its latest release, Cord has been my go-to client.
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I've been using 1.03 for at least the past year and have never had it crash. And I use it all the time to do random tasks on an otherwise monitor-less XP machine.
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Seconding Matt's experience -- the 2.0 beta is actually far more stable, reliable, and capable than the "known good" earlier release.
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