19 eggs, cooking for 1
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help me use up 19 eggs!

so, i forgot that i had almost a full carton of eggs in my fridge and picked up another dozen at the store. i live alone.

can anyone recommend a good egg-heavy recipe?

alternatively, does anyone have any experience freezing them? the advice i have read on the internets is to scramble them first, because the shells will burst otherwise, but does anyone have any real experience with this?
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Quiche - 2 quiche pastry shells use 12 eggs, depending on egg size and personal preference. You can freeze one and eat the other. Good for any meal!
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*freeze one and eat the other now is what I meant to say*
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You can make and freeze quiche.
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This recipe for chocolate fondants calls for 9 eggs.

Have any stale bread? Make some bread pudding!
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This Alton Brown recipe for waffles uses 3 eggs for 6 waffles. In the episode of Good Eats that goes along with the recipe he says that they freeze very well (basically homemade Eggos).

So you could use a dozen eggs for quiche and another half dozen for waffles.
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Make aioli or mayo with one. Creme brulee with a handful of others. Fresh pasta will use up one egg for every two servings you make (100g flour + 1 egg = 2 servings). Quiche is a great suggestion, though I'm not sure I'd freeze quiche. If you've got an ice cream maker you'll be able to run through the eggs in no time - I use 5 egg yolks, 2 cups of cream, a cup of milk, 2/3 cup of sugar and a vanilla bean to make a batch of vanilla ice cream that promptly gets inhaled. Use the leftover egg whites to make pignoli cookies.
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Deviled eggs? Egg salad? Potato salad with eggs?
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If you have an ice cream maker, some of the more custard heavy recipes will quickly use 6 eggs each. Which suggests another possible answer, custard.
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Giant Omlette Celebration in your apartment.
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Here's a strawberry ice cream that wants 9 yolks per batch.

And, uh, you can freeze it!
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Eight eggs: Flourless chocolate cake

Also: chocolate mousse or creme brulee plus meringues or angelfood cake
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Angel food cake? Takes about 1 dozen egg whites to make one. then make a buncha custard sauce to eat with it with the yolks. I'm lost about the other six, though. It's been a long time since i've used eggs for anything so i'm a little rusty.
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Souffle with creme anglaise
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I would just eat them all in one go! But that's me -- I love eggs. You can discard the yolks first for a healthier option.
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Best answer: yorkshire puddings or popovers. make a bunch and freeze.
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Have people over for brunch. Make the Southern Living Breakfast Casserole.

Or, you could throw together some breakfast burritos.

If you have a dog, eggs are great for their coats. My dog prefers his eggs scrambled.
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Don't overlook the simple hard boiled egg.
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I often find myself with three dozen eggs that I didn't realize I have. Eggs last for just about ever, contrary to popular belief. (The thing is that you will *know* if an egg is bad, there's no question. And I eat my eggs long past the sell-by date.) When I find myself in that situation I just start having a couple a day for breakfast, give or take, until they're gone.
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Angel food cake takes a dozen.

But if you have an egg for breakfast every day for a month, you should be fine. As long as you keep them in the fridge, they will last, as iguanapolitico says..
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Also, quiche of the gods
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Make a big ol' batch of cream puffs. They're difficult to get right, but they can take a good 8-10 eggs.
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Egg Nog
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Best answer: Frittatas. Like quiche but without the crust. Cut into serving sizes, wrap in aluminum foil, and freeze. Reheat in oven or toaster oven. (You could also make mini frittatas in cupcake pans.)
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What iguanapolitico said. Eggs will still be edible after a couple of months of refrigeration. I found myself with four partial cartons in the fridge not long ago. They all got eaten.

19 eggs? That's a 2-egg omelet every day for 9 days, with one egg left over. Hell, you can crack two eggs into a lightly-greased plastic bowl, drop it in the microwave for two and a half minutes with a bit of chopped red pepper and onion, go have a shower, and have breakfast waiting for you. Low-cal, high-protein, low-carb.
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How about pickled eggs? I just boil them, peel them, and then let them sit in vinegar in the fridge for a month or so. You can probably find fancier recipes online.
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Souffle. How 1970's, but a cheese souffle is easy to make and delicious. If you want to make it healthier ditch some of the yolks. I don't really have a written recipe, but you don't need one. Make a roux with butter and flour and milk, add in some cheese (Gruyere or swiss are nice) and perhaps some fines herbs and cayenne. To however many yolks you dare use add some of the roux a bit at a time so as not to overpower the yolks with heat and cook them to hardness and then add them back. Whip the whites (this works best at room temp) and then fold in the roux/cheese mixture. (When separating the eggs make sure not to get any yolk at all into the whites, I like to separate them by using my fingers as a sieve to let the whites fall through.) Put this into a souffle dish or other ceramic or glass high sided oven safe dish and bake at 375 until it has risen nicely, about 35 minutes or so. You can probably find more detailed recipes online. It's an oldie, but a goodie, and you will not get one in a restaurant, except for dessert souffles. They go well with soup and a nice baguette.
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Make deviled eggs. Bring them to work. Everyone will love you.
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Pickled eggs are well worth the time and investment. Many recipes exist on the web, check Allrecipes.com.
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What is that thing they made in the film Big Night? That looked amazing and truly eggfull.
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Eggs keep for a long time at regular fridge temperatures, but if you're looking to freeze them, crack each egg into a section of an ice-cube tray. Cover in pastic wrap, and leave 'em in the freezer until you want to use them.
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Lemon curd uses about a half dozen eggs and is quite easy to make.
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Best answer: German pancakes aka Dutch babies. Holy crap, I love these things. And they're so quick to make: throw ingredients in blender then put batter in oven. The big ones use a lot of eggs. So good with lemon and powdered sugar. Hmm, I'm probably going to have to make one for breakfast tomorrow.
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pavlova! mmmm.
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Pound Cake.

The recipe in the River Road Recipes II uses 6 eggs.
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tortilla espanola, also called tortilla de patatas, is an egg omelet with fried potatoes. one of spain's staple dishes. good served cold on a sandwich the next day, too.
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Salzburger nockerln are a kind of baked souffle-type dessert, and are very good. Will use lots of eggs quickly. Must be eaten fresh, though. And don't forget the Lipitor.
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You could go through the recipes on the American Egg Board site. Many of their main dishes use 6 eggs or more.
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Best answer: Second fritatta and tortilla espanola.
Once I mix it up, I pour into muffin pans and bring the already indivual servings to work to microwave for breakfast. I like mine with hot sauce.
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Best answer: If you decide to freeze the eggs, you want to scramble them first. Then you want to pour the egg mix into Ziplock bags. Don't fill them entirely so as to avoid mess and problems freezing. Lay them on their sides in your freezer.

I suggest portioning them out into small Ziplock bags so you have one serving per bag. If you do that, you don't have to worry about either refreezing or cutting a chunk off of the large slab of frozen egg.
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Oh wow, hungry thread.

I love me an egg sandwich for lunch/breakfast on the go! Two scrambled eggs (one per bowl) in the microwave, plop them onto bread with mayo/mustard and some tomato.
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angel food cake with a big batch of lemon curd on the side - uses the whites and yolks of a dozen eggs. also, nothing is so sublime as a perfect egg-salad sandwich.
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Best answer: Make egg salad with homemade mayo.

You could also make egg challah, which takes about 9 eggs if you do it right.
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I've been known to use 19 eggs in a bacon and egg pie. You just keep cracking more eggs into the dish and adding layers of bacon until you feel satisfied. The good thing is that it freezes really well.

So I'd go for something like this or quiche or fritatta then freeze the extras in single serves. Great for quick work lunches and makes an easy dinner with a fresh salad.
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Response by poster: you guys are the best.
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Eggs last pretty well, so if you can use them up in a month, you're fine. Bread pudding is so much better than it sounds, esp. if you top it with the traditional bourbon sauce.
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All good ideas, but i say post-work omlette party.
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Crespeou - a towering edifice of 9 omlettes, stacked and cut into wedges.
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