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Is there a legal marketplace for used copies of Windows XP?

I just bought an iMac and found to my dismay that QuickBooks for Mac is crap for my needs, so I need to install Windows under VMWare or Parallels to run the Windows version. I don't really feel like shelling out another $200 just to run one application if I don't need to. Is there a place I can buy used copies of XP? eBay doesn't seem to have much besides OEM copies (which I gather are legally questionable).
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OEM is less legally questionable than what you are proposing. From the Windows XP Home Edition End User License Agreement:
10. NOT FOR RESALE SOFTWARE. Software identified as "Not For Resale" or "NFR," may not be sold or otherwise transferred for value, or used for any purpose other than demonstration, test or evaluation.
I think it would be safe to assume that all legal copies of Windows XP are NFR.
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Microsoft's EULA is itself quite questionable and IMO violates the first sale doctrine. However MS probably has eBay under its thumb, which would explain why you can't find used copies there. Maybe craiglist or other local forums would be more helpful.
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You can get it for ~144 shipped on amazon from the used and new section. Still a lot, but a bit cheaper, anyway.
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You know, instead of using a virtual machine, you might be able to use CrossOver Mac instead. They have a free trial and full refund if you're not satisfied, and it's way cheaper than sourcing a copy of Windows.
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I think it would be safe to assume that all legal copies of Windows XP are NFR.

This is not true.

NFR generally refers to copies of software given free to partners for demo or testing purposes. Microsoft's VARs, for example, are given free NFR copies of various products so they can demo MSFT solutions in their own sales process. No one is going to pay for the privledge of selling their SharePoint implementation services.
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Have you asked the IT guys at work where a guy might be able to "find" a copy for home use? ~wink, wink, nudge nudge~
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It's my understanding that the NFR part of the EULA is for the PC reseller than for the end user. Most clauses in EULAs that violate basic consumer laws are considered unconscionable. Anything that you buy you can resell. If you signed some kind of site license or lease agreement with MS then you are in a different position, but a legitimately owned copy of software should be re-sellable.
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Is there a legal marketplace for used copies of Windows XP?

Legal, yes. Acceptable to Microsoft, no. Protected against fraud, no.
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under the EULA, the MS OEM software is bound to the motherboard/hardware with which it was included on initial purchase. It can't be legally transferred to another user and if the hardware is no longer is in use, then "legally" you are bound to destroy the product and product key.

It is entirely legal to purchase a copy of Windows XP OEM as long as you purchase some hardware on which to run it. Which may or may not include a $10 flash drive or a CPU fan. Ahem.
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