We need an updated MeFi "What to do in Vegas" for couples!
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My partner and I are celebrating 10 years with a quick four-day trip, sans kids, to Vegas. We're already lined up to see Cirque's Love, Lucky Chang's Drag Show and Madam Tussaud's, but I'd love to here what MeFiers have as suggestions -- not just for us -- for cool, unique stuff to see in Vegas.
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Response by poster: Oh, and an addition -- I did search through old posts, but they're all pretty old -- 2005 or so. And, "here" = "hear." :P
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If you like kitsch (and what's a trip to Las Vegas without a little kitsch) you must see The Liberace Museum.

It's about 2 miles east of The Strip. If you have a car it's an easy drive (with lots of parking in the strip mall where the museum is located). If you don't, they offer a shuttle to and from many of the major hotels.
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Here's a MetaTalk from April 2007.

I was able to find it quickly because I always recommend the same damn thing....Mac King.

Mac King. (to steal a line from Jay Marshall) "One of the Better, Cheaper Acts."

Seriously. Good time.
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I actually got to see Mac King in my hometown when I was a kid. He was a great entertainer, funny, and a really nice guy. Mac was giving a magician's seminar, and I got a chance to meet him after. I didn't see him in Vegas, but I'm sure his show is still good.
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Hopefully not a derail, but when I was in Vegas two weekends ago there were buses driving up and down the Strip advertising some guy as "the world's funniest Hypnotist". I found that an odd thing for a hypnotist to be proud of, and started thinking of other hypnotists I'd rather see (tallest, fastest, strongest, best!, etc...).

The Springs Preserve (mentioned in the Apr 2007 thread) was good, although hot on a 100 degree day. I was surprised that's right in the middle of town. It felt like the not quite smooth collision of orthogonal ideas: Conserve water! Check out the history of the dead spring! Here's ideas for outdoor patio decoration!

You're already going to see LOVE, which is my favorite thing in Vegas.
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I don't know how unique it is, but the Bellagio Museum always has pretty interesting stuff. There's a Picasso ceramics exhibit on now.
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Saw the Picasso exhibit when we were there in July. Nice (but the entrance fee is pricey). When at the Bellagio, take a look at the Dale Chihuly glass installation in the ceiling in the lobby. Really nice.
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the world's funniest Hypnotist

If you've never seen a comic hypnosis show, it's a pretty good time. We saw a guy named Anthony Cools at, I believe, Paris (the casino, that is) in 2005. Definitely worth what we paid for it.
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The people watching in Vegas is astonishing. If you like good food don't pass up an opportunity to eat at one of the very fine restaurants that are available.
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I really enjoy the Venetian, although too long in their roofed-over Grand Canal makes me feel disoriented and woozy. But while you're at Madame Tussaud's, I'd take a quick spin through. Places I like there include the Tao nightclub, the Tourneau watch shop, and the antiquities store.

Restaurants in the Venetian: On two separate trips, I ate at Emeril's steakhouse and across the way at Mario Batali's Italian place. I have eaten in a lot of fancy places but these were two of the best meals I've ever had, maybe the best. Only places I've ever been that did food up to the standard I'd gotten used to in Manhattan, but the waiters and other staff were West Coast friendly; and the places were without the obnoxious Manhattan crowds and too-tiny tables.

occhiblu and I really enjoyed seeing the white tigers at the Mirage - she likes big cats and I enjoyed photographing them. If that's of any interest to you, you should take an hour and do it. The shark aquarium at the Mandalay Bay is also interesting but I'm not sure I'd go back a second time.

Last time I was there, I fired off a couple hundred rounds through an H+K MP5 at American Shooters. That was a good time and I'd recommend it for anyone.

I love Cirque too.
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If it's your type of thing, don't miss the Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum. It's a shitty strip mall location quite a ways from the strip, but it is simply the most impressive, best-maintained collection of pinball games and other electromechanical games in the world. No admission, and everything works and is just beautiful. It was my favorite thing I did in Vegas when I was there two weeks ago, but I'm that kind of geeky.

Also, if you go to the Bellagio to see the Picasso ceramics show or go to the well-lauded buffet, don't miss the enormous chocolate fountain in the Patisserie just behind the main lobby.
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If you are the adventurous kind (or afraid of heights) you'll could try to do some indoor skydiving.
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