Please help me find things to do on dates in the Nyack, NY area
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Please help me find things to do on dates in the Nyack, NY area

For the past several months I have been spending Sundays in Nyack, NY visiting a woman I have been datings. We each drive two or more hours, in opposite directions, to meet at the Pallisades Center, run quick errands in the mall, and head off for the day leaving one car behind. We've explored the local area, including: Bear Mountain, downtown Nyack, and Nanuet, but only via major roads. We've also ventured out to Westwood, NJ; Paramus, NJ; and done various parts of the northern coast of NJ. For the time being we are ignoring the obvious destination: NYC.

We're looking for fun, romantic, and eclectic things to do as a couple, but remember: it is almost always on a Sunday. It turns out that some place, specifically Paramus, NJ, shut down almost entirely on the Lord's day. Can you suggest any great activities, must dine at restaurants, funky bars, local favorites, parks, or even just good drives in the area?

Thanks for your help.
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Best answer: If you drive north on Broadway you'll get into North Nyack, where the fancy houses are. Taken all the way to its end, Broadway leads to Nyack Beach park, which has some of the more beautiful mountain and river views in the area.

There is a restaurant and music venue called The Turning Point, through which some great acts come through regularly (it's a rock, blues, alt-country, folk and bluegrass type of place). This is in Piermont, which is very close to Nyack and accessible via 9W South.

Seeing as I lived in the area all-year 'round until two years ago, I should have more suggestions, but my mind's a little foggy right now. If I think of anything else, I'll post it. Cheers!
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I like Piermont a lot. There are some good restaurants down by the waterfront.
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I don't know any particular recommendations for restaurants in the town, but Piermont is a perfect place to go. IIRC (I haven't been up there in a few years), there are some good restaurants there as well as some galleries.
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Best answer: Take the Tappan Zee across the river and explore Westchester for a while.

Especially in October consider the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow area... not only can you peep at beautiful turning leaves along route 9 and the original Headless Horseman cemetery, there are several historic houses to visit -- Sunnyside, Washington Irving's home; Kykuit, a Rockefeller home, etc. see Historic Hudson Valley. Lyndhurst has lovely gardens.
Tarrytown has lots of restaurants and some nightlife. There's a great Greek restaurant, Lefteris, elegant Portugese at Caravela, a martini bar called Brut on 9 (maybe not open on Sundays?), various other restaurants of diverse cuisines, Silver Tips Tea Room, etc.

Further afield, consider Hyde Park, the Culinary Institute of America (dine at the restaurants!), shopping at Woodbury Commons (outlets), the PepsiCo sculpture garden at Purchase, the Storm King Art Center, the Rockefeller Preserve (hiking & nature & stuff). Also check out Blue Hill at Stone Barns, associated with the downtown restaurant and an agricultural cooperative, so everything is locally grown.
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Oh and don't forget the Ossining Prison Museum!
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bike 9w.
go to dia beacon.
hop on the metronorth across the river.
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Response by poster: Fabulous answers so far. Thank you so much!
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Best answer: Kingsland Point Park in Tarrytown is really nice and has a cute little lighthouse with a great view of the bridge. You could do a nice autumn picnic there.
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You're also pretty close to that huge mall up there with a Dave and Busters and IMAX theater. Plenty of good restaurants in there too.
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