My toaster went fritzzz
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I'm looking for the perfect toaster, which to me means small, chrome, and simple. Any ideas?
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I have this one. I am pleased with it.
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Why not check out a few thrift stores. They aren't as common as they used to be but you still see the old-style chrome toasters once in a while. And they're about as simple as you can get. I'd check it at the store to make sure all elements heat up and that the cord isn't frayed anywhere. If it was frayed I'd still buy it but I can replace the cord myself.
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Are you just looking for a toaster, or a toaster-oven?
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Vermont Country Store.
This is quite lovely as well.
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just visited here as i have also experienced a recent catoasterophe
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Consumer Reports likes this one a lot.

Mine hasn't arrived yet so I can't give you a first hand review.
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Response by poster: In answer to Poolio's question, I'm looking for a toaster only, not a toaster oven.
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If you do get a vintage toaster, please be careful about the wiring - mine started arcing one night. The ex danced around yelling ineffectually, while I grabbed my oxo mitt and yanked the cord. Fun times.
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Some rather strong opinions are shared in this previous thread.

I still say that you are a fool if you do not own a toaster oven. A fool, I say!
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Toaster ovens are ugly. Ugly, I say!

Yeah, and I noticed a little warning at the bottom of that eBay page that the vintage/retro toaster should be used decoratively only due to it not being up to code.
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I'm quite pleased with my chrome Procter-Silex two-slice. It was a gift in the early '90s tho, so I can't tell if it's still made. However, Jack Berg apparently offers something similar here for only $13.
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Toaster ovens are great for making things that aren't toast (english muffins with cheese, for instance) but they are not the One True Way to make toast.
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