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Random question about some 1980s bank checks, probably called the Windjammer series.

My husband and his best friend worked at a bank in the 1980s, and they were discussing the most popular check pattern they saw...big ships. They believe the check series was called the Windjammer series. The checks came in a series of four with different ships on each one. They remember three: The Moshulu, Red Jacket, and Old Ironsides. Can anyone soothe their minds by naming the fourth? They are wondering if the fourth was ALSO Old Ironsides but if it went by Old Ironsides on one check, and USS Constitution on the other. I've checked Deluxe Check and other main check-pattern sales sites, but the Windjammer series seems to have disappeared.

This is completely unimportant in the great scheme of things, but it's biting at the inside of their memories like a pesky gnat. Thanks!
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It's worth shooting an email or calling one of the major check printers and asking if anyone remembers the pattern. I've been using the same check pattern since 1980 (yes embarrassing, I know, but I like how the little grid pattern on it helps with my otherwise scrawling penmanship) and even though my check pattern hasn't appeared in the catalog or online for at least a decade, the printer still carries it whenever I've reordered.
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