Why do Canadian Mounties wear goofy pants?
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What's the purpose of the goofy pants that Canadian Mounties wear? Why don't any other horse riders wear similar garb?
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They're breeches, and they used to be quite popular for riding in, but now that we have more comfortable, stretchy fabrics, jodphurs are more commonly used (and just to confuse yuo more, jodphurs tend to get called "breeches" by a lot of people now, but as far as I know, close-fitting riding pants are jodphurs and loose-fitting riding pants are breeches). Some people still wear breeches if they can find them (the last pair on the page).
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The Wearing of Riding Breeches in the British Army, a Google Answer.

Other Clothes for New Riders: Jodhpurs and Breeches

You'll find ordinary trousers and jeans rub in some very tender places and the purchase of a pair of jodhpurs or breeches will bring welcome relief.

Traditionally breeches are cut with a leg that stops around the calf area and are designed for wearing with long boots. Jodhpurs are made with a longer leg length and are suitable for use with short boots and will usually also be fine with long boots.

Or, more simply:

Breeches are worn to eliminate bulk inside a long boot.
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