My boxers are in a bunch!
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A question for all equestrian owners and riders...

Ok. I've been horse riding for a while, and every time we get up to a canter, my boxers get all scrunched up (my blue jeans too but not as much). This is very uncomfortable, and more than a little embarrassing as I try to unscrunch them after the ride. So after all of that, any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Will getting white-y tight-ies help? I really don't want to wear them, but if they'll help... *sigh* ...I will. Any suggestions? Thanks y'all.
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Try boxer briefs? or, better, trunk-cut. I'd suggest the Calvin Klein Microfibre Trunk. You have never, ever had that kind fo comfort and support in one, ahem, package. I assure you, they're unbelievable.
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Is this why they call tighty-whities "jockey shorts"?
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Yep. That's pretty much your only option, sadly. Well, either that or boxer briefs. I do find it weird that it happens at the canter, though. Until I found well-fitting underwear, the sitting trot sucked.
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I'm assuming you're ruling out the silly pants my g/f and her boarders wear (they do dressage, jumping and the like). Tight sport briefs. If you have a Target near you, look in the atheletic clothing section... they have briefs that look like girls "boy-cut" underwear... they're somewhere between tighty whities and boxer briefs only without the part that cuts into your thighs and not so long in the leg.
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They do make jeans specifically for riding (with no seam on the inside leg or with a very flattened one), underwear intended for cycling may also help (not the padded kind, the minimal-seam kind), as might boxer briefs (close-fitting boxer shorts made of stretchy cotton jersey type material). I've never had this problem, but then I'm female and always wear jodphurs or breeches to ride in (jeans are way too owwy).
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Response by poster: @ Biscotti - Where could I get these online for a 'reasonable' price? Thanks!
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I would forego the jeans for some breeches. Although you probably won`t want to wear bunchy boxers under those...
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I rode hunter jumpers from preschool age until my early 20s. I switched from that to competitive cycling and have been doing that for the last two decades.

jeans are just as abrasive on horseback as they are on a bike saddle. briefs (tighty-whiteys) have even bigger and nastier seams, btw. this an observation from my x back when we used to trail ride my old hunters for funs.

2 recommendations: absolutely get some boxer briefs, preferably the thin nylon/lycra and/or coolmax type that won't get damp and chafe like cotton will.

also, you might want to check into getting a pair of schooling chaps, as they'll seriously help with the knee-chafing deal too. I don't know if they have mens sizes, but I recall that State Line Tack was always a good source for reasonably priced stuff back in the day.

and yea, you're somewhat fighting an uphill battle since finding functional decent-looking looking men's stuff in equestrian gear is about as frustrating as trying to find women's cycling gear that isn't pink and/or covered in kittens... sorry dude

to those of you who're recommending jodphurs or breeches... um, how to say this politely?

basically I'm as open minded as the next gal, but I know the equestrian biz, exceedingly well. my mom still rides and trains. Vanishingly few (straight) males who aren't exceedingly self-confident at least enjoy wearing breeches in public. It's one thing in competition. It's entirely something else for daily wear.
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Here are two I found with a quick Google (the polo ones come in black, which should look okay). Also, I believe that Wrangler makes jeans which are reasonably comfortable to ride in (seam and pocket placement specifically).
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You need COMFY RUMPS (scroll down). Combine them with a good quality pair of jodphurs if you ride in short jodphur boots or breeches if you ride in long leg boots. You may find that Riding Tights are a better option than jodphurs as some styles are made without the the irritating and bulky 'strapping' (padding) on the inside of the knee area.

I'd avoid wearing chaps until your 'seat' at all paces is secure and balanced, a good seat can take a long time to develop. It's often the transition from trot to canter that throws your sitting position just enough to cause those underwear movements!
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