I need my meds, but I also need my ups and downs!
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I need a Psychiatrist in NY - one that has experience dealing with artists and won't drug me into a straight-line mood. I need my meds, but I also need my ups and downs!

I have been going to a psychiatrist for the past 5 years. She is very experienced in dealing with artists and fully understands and respects the fact that some people just cannot be put into too stable a mood.

Sounds crazy? Well, it's not. Artists, writers, maybe even philosophers need to have their ups and downs in order to produce their art, thoughts, get in touch with their emotions. After a few trials we finally found the med combination that keeps me fully functional, stable, happy - but doesn't kill my much needed spells of light melancoly and introspection.

Only now I'm moving to NY. I could just find a psychiatrist that would keep me on the meds I'm on now, but I really prefer one that understands and respects what I have explained above.

Recommendations can be e-mailed to need.a.shrink@gmail.com and would be really, really appreciated. Thanks!
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do you mean NYC?
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Follow-up from the OP: "Yes, NYC."
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I assume you've asked your current doc?
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You do know that docs can be trained, right?

Why not see if your present doc can give you a referral? If not, then just find one who will keep you on your present regimen and "train them" into what you need.

The truth is that all you really need is a doc who will listen to you and take your needs and feelings under consideration. You don't need to be an artist to need that. It's what ANY doc should be. If your new one isn't, find another one.

But do be willing to listen to any new doc if he or she thinks you need to tweak your meds. Health has to come before art, IF the choice needs to be made. (Obviously not always does the choice need making.)

-full disclosure: I'm a songwriter, and I used to be on meds for years. Don't need them anymore but when I needed them I NEEDED them.
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