How do I get a job outside the UK? ASAP.
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How do I get a job outside the UK? ASAP.

I'm a kind of half arsed learning technologist/instructional designer/web developer/graphic designer/video maker etc etc etc.
In other words I am a kind of jack of all trades in the web based learning business. I want to leave this country (the UK), in the next two weeks if possible. I have no savings, Where can I go, what can I do?
I will do (almost) anything.
I am attracted to Eastern Europe, could I find work there?
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do you speak any languages other than english?
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Response by poster: ermm, no.
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Check the mefi jobs page?
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Do you have a degree?
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Given that it's a 2 week deadline you'll have problems getting a working visa in time for anywhere except EU member states. (I'm assuming you are a British citizen; if you are, you can work anywhere else in the EU providing you register with the police after three months). In terms of eastern Europe you have the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania to play with...
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Response by poster: OK post in haste, regret at leisure. Does anyone have links, addresses references contacts or advice on suddenly leaving the uk for europe, EU or otherwise.
I have an arts degree and a postgrad IT qualification.
I am in a bit of a state:) Sorry. I just think I need to move far away fro my own good
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without speaking the languages, your job options will be limited. perhaps you could teach english?

as an aside, given the tags you placed on the question, perhaps an initial (and far easier) step might be to quit the job you are now and try and find a better boss.
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Ever consider Ireland, Scotland, Wales or another part of the UK? Plenty of work, moving costs are less prohibitive and no need for a new language.

Otherwise I'd suggest finding a multi-national somewhere. Or as someone suggested, teach English. It can be done within a few weeks (the move, flat, papers, job) as I've seen it happen here in Spain but not without money or contacts.

Also, please don't take this the wrong way, but desperation and running away from bad situations at a moments notice isn't what employers are looking for in a new hire.

Good luck.
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Malta is English-speaking (the Semitic language Maltese is also spoken, but you won’t have trouble with just English), a member of the EU (they still require work permits, but are much more lax about it for EU citizens), and has Mediterranean weather. If you’ve no savings just upping and going may not be that workable, but looking into jobs there from a distance may well be worthwhile.
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English teaching is probably going to be the quickest job you'll find. Pick a country and contact some of the better known language schools. Berlitz and Inlingua come to mind. You'll make more money in Western Europe, but your costs will be lower in Eastern Europe. Adult classes are offered year-round. Children's classes are offered mostly in the school year, with week-long camps in Summer.

It's late in Summer, so you'll probably have a tough time finding camps. Best bet is to focus on trying to get in somewhere before the school year starts.

After you've picked a country, look for their job boards and start blasting out your resume on every position which has keywords that fit your experience.

I skipped the English teaching part, but I, an American citizen, got a job in Austria within 2 weeks of arriving with nothing but my backpack and some web development experience. That was in 2000, and I didn't speak any German. Now I'm on my second job and speak German fluently.
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