wheel chair for the masses?
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GrandMaFilter: Grandma is coming to town. She can walk, but only about 100 feet. What's the most cost effective way to rent/acquire a wheelchair for 5 days in Seattle?

Question pretty much sums it up. Any advice appreciated.
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My aunt works in the pharmacy section of a drugstore and she gets questions like this all the time--and she knows where to direct people. Try contacting someone who works in a drugstore (preferably a real one, like a neighbourhood pharmacy, not a drugstore megamart) and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck and have a good visit with Grandma!
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I should think that hospitals would also know where to get a short-term wheelchair.
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Call your local Easter Seals / Goodwill. They will probably loan you one for a small deposit, which gets refunded when you return it.
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Good advice, all. Thx.
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When we did this for my grandfather visiting me in D.C., I rented one from a medical supply store.
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