What is this all about?
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Can someone give me some backstory on this?

These things have been popping up on YouTube and Google video for a while, and the little ear worm is making me crazy. Is there really a TV show in Japan that is nothing but these Goldbergian machines? Bonus points for translations of the little sign that pops up at the climax of each section, and the song heard occasioanlly.
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This is from a Japanese children's TV show, the kanji and the shout is the name of the show. Boingboing did a lot on this in June. I think you can also find it on the blue.
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I read somewhere that these were more like advertisements for a particular tv channel in japan. Like, they play right before a show comes back from a commercial break.
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there was an FPP about it a while ago... ">here it is.

the gist of it: it's a Japanese children's TV show that uses the machines as interstitials; iirc, the name is "Pythagoras Switch" and rendered in Japanese sing-song voices, it becomes pi-ta-go-ra-su-i-chi, which is what we hear at the end of each machine.
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aw crap: FPP link is here.
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The show is called "Pythagoraswitch"
that's what the little song is saying.
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DAMN YOU!!!!!!

What they said.
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Ack, that's what I get for missing 2 weeks of Metafilter in June. (I couldn't go back and catch it all up, it was too daunting)
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It's the show Pythagoras Switch (Pitagora Suichi), which is the Japanese name for a Rube Goldberg device. It's an adorable children's show. They actually do lots of interesting things, like show how various items are manufactured and have nifty choreographed dance called the Algorithm March. If you're interested, the subbing group DB of Naruto fame has subbed some episodes, and torrents are here.
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