Custom vinyl decals online?
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Where can I go online for custom vinyl decals?

Looking for reasonably priced vinyl decals. I only want a small quantity of small (5x5 in) decals, based on a custom logo I've designed. File format is not an issue, and I can output to various raw router formats. Would prefer to use an online service.

Sites like cafepress and bountee don't do these sorts of things (right?).

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
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google search is your friend!
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If your sticker is black and white or red and black (and white), The Sticker Guy is good and cheap for short runs, though depending on your sticker and the other incoming orders (aka how long it takes before the sheet with your stickers is filled and can be printed) it can take a little while. I think I'm going to try their bulk service next time.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot HuronBob. That was very helpful.

The issue is, all of the links I've found (via Google, Yahoo, and Live) expect a large quantity of vinyl decals to be ordered.

Moondoggie - I wanted decals, not stickers :( Cutouts in particular.

I'm looking for suggestions - good sites with good deals, a legitimate business. A search engine does not provide that. Please read the entirety of the posted question before responding with something as asinine as 'google'.
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geez, jimmie... i didn't see it as "asnine", you didn't mention that you had already searched google, nor had you mentioned the results....

You asked a question, I did a search and got a ton of answers....

Sorry if you were offended by my response... :-\
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I've had good luck with for quantity orders. There is no minimum. If you call, be sure to ask for 'Kayla'. She seems the most knowledgeable. I don't work for them, but I know the owner. Tell them I sent you. :)
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Jeri did something similar for decals on my car and I was happy: Jeri's Signs
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seconding stickerguy. he is awesome.
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My parents have a sign company. They're super nice- send them an email at
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Check out this one also. I have purchased custom decals from them before and the service was fast and prices reasonable. More importantly from your point of view they were literally one-off decals made on my choice of vinyl (I am pretty certain they do die-cuts as well):
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Nobody's mentioned 'em yet, and I'm kinda surprised— VG Kids ( is absolutely fantastic. They're economical, working both with bands and, they're willing to do just about anything you ask on relatively short notice, and they're really involved with the local community and progressive politics.

I've only had a brief interaction with them myself (everything came out swimmingly), but I've had scores of friends from all over use 'em, and never heard a bad thing about 'em. Can't recommend 'em highly enough.
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Check Tapeworks.
That's where I get my one-off motorcycle decals and they can problem custom make one for you. They do great work and provide detailed instructions. Good color matching, too.
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