What is the best way to (temporarily) repair this tablet stylus?
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This morning, my wacom tablet (graphire 2) sytlus stopped working, and I would like to fix it until I can buy a new tablet

This morning, my wacom tablet (graphire 2) stopped working

however, the mouse still works, and the light is still on.
I have found that (what i assume is) the transmitter chip inside the pen has come loose on one side, rendering it unable to send pressure data to the tablet itself, This is all that is broken though, as if i hold the chip down onto the pcb it will move the cursor

photo here http://i15.tinypic.com/63wbgv4.jpg
where you can sort of see the contacts loose on the left hand side of the chip

What I am asking, is what is the best way to secure the contacts back onto the board? I have a rather large and cumbersome soldering iron, and little knowledge of how to do circuity stuff.
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It might be what you suggest but it's also likely you have a cracked PCB. Given your comments it's unlikely you have the skills & tools to repair the pen. If putting pressure on the chip works, can you put some stuff (paper or cotton) on top of the chip so it exerts pressure when the board is back in the pen housing?
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i don't think i can put enough pressure on it

i tried tape around the chip, but that wasn't strong enough
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Looks like a soldering job, really. I'm not much of an electronics expert - but that would fix your problem. You can get one of those "Cold Heat" irons pretty cheap these days (I think I saw one for about $20 the other day).

Optionally, just Buy a new pen. They're $30 USD. Way cheaper than a new Wacom tablet.

(oh, and if you plan to buy a new one - might I recommend the Graphire Bluetooth. I have one and wireless Wacom'ing is g'damn amazing)
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Try a cable tie for a short term fix. In no circumstance should you try anything metallic.
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I've had this tablet for a while, so i'd much rather buy a whole new one than just a pen, as something else will no doubt go soon enough.

i might upgrade past graphire completely, if i can afford it

(or I might convince my parents to get me a new one instead of a second monitor as a graduation present, as i'm a 19 year old just starting an illustration degree)
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