point to b sample
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what rapper does prefuse 73 sample in "point to b" on the album "vocal studies and uprock narratives"? thanks.
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Can't help you with this one but this database has helped me in the past - The Breaks - just for reference.
posted by nanojath at 8:28 PM on August 20, 2007

At the end? Good question! The Breaks wouldn't have something like this, but maybe he'd answer email. I'm sure he probably has a myspace.
posted by rhizome at 9:52 PM on August 20, 2007

If someone can upload a sound sample I could probably tell you.
posted by cashman at 6:15 AM on August 21, 2007

Here you go, cashman.
posted by box at 8:04 AM on August 21, 2007

Divine Styler? Wow, I have no clue. Sorry.
posted by cashman at 2:23 PM on August 21, 2007 [1 favorite]

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