Damien Rice and Sia Alternative?
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I have no idea why, but I can listen to Damien Rice's Nine Lives over and over and over. Rest of his stuff, doesn't interest me. Same for Sia's Breathe Me. Based on those 2 songs, can you point me to other songs that I can give my CD player a respite?
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Do you mean 9 Crimes?
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Try "Adore You" by Lisa Barbuscia
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Same here; ever since I saw the season finale of 'Six Feet Under' where Sia's 'Breathe Me' was played; I have been hooked on it since...

Try 'Requiem for a Dream' and 'Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve'
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I don't know how the Sia song sounds, but based on 9 Crimes (about which I feel exactly like you), you might try Haley Bonar, especially her early album "... the size of planets" (click on the music link and give "The Water" a listen).
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Joseph Arthur has some of that vibe, particularly his song A Smile That Explodes
Some of The Cardigans music feels a bit like Sia.
Mazzy Star's song Into Dust.
Maybe Nina Gordon?
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When I listen to those two songs you mention, they make me think of:
"The Trapeze Swinger" by Iron & Wine (from the In Good Company Soundtrack); and
"Extra Ordinary Thing" by Aqualung.

But probably because they all happen to be on the same playlist and they've burrowed into my subconscious.
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I've totally done that with "Breathe Me" and must've driven a few people up the wall. What about some Zero 7? Sia was one of the vocalists on "Destiny". Also, I second extrabox's last two suggestions - I immediately thought of Mazzy Star.
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Maybe try: Dead Man Walking soundtrack; Garden State soundtrack; of course the Six Feet Under soundtrack; Nick Drake; Richard Bruckner; Richard & Linda Thompson; Gillian Welch; Iron & Wine; Hem; Death Cab for Cutie; Postal Service ...

Here's my playlist labeled "moody opium shuffle":

Whiskey Girl -- Gillian Welch
The Poor Boy Is Taken Away -- Richard & Linda Thompson
The Face of Love -- Eddie Vedder/Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Pink flamingos -- Rickie Lee Jones
Place to Be -- Nick Drake
Such Great Heights -- Iron & Wine
Naked As We Came -- Iron & Wine
One More Cup Of Coffee -- Bob Dylan
My Morphine -- Gillian Welch
Opium -- Marcy Playground
Altar boy -- Rickie Lee Jones
Beat The Retreat -- Richard & Linda Thompson
Know -- Nick Drake
Dimming Of The Day/Dargai -- Richard & Linda Thompson
Each Coming Night -- Iron & Wine
Oh, Sister -- Bob Dylan
Good Til Now -- Gillian Welch
Pink Moon -- Nick Drake
Ariel Ramirez -- Richard Buckner
A Lack of Color -- Death Cab For Cutie
Cold Wind -- Arcade Fire
Breathe Me -- Sia
Half Acre -- Hem
The Devil Had A Hold Of Me -- Gillian Welch
Fair -- Remy Zero
In The Waiting Line -- Zero 7
Lucky -- Radiohead
Don't Panic -- Coldplay
Quiet Inside (The Jacket - Film Version) -- The Jane Doe's
The Long Road -- Eddie Vedder/M Khan/Nusrat Fateh Ali
The Great Valerio -- Richard & Linda Thompson
Transatlanticism -- Death Cab for Cutie
Promises -- Lyle Lovett
The Ghost of Tom Joad -- Bruce Springsteen
Brothers On a Hotel Bed -- Death Cab For Cutie
She Cries Your Name -- Beth Orton
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I absolutely adore Sia. You should have a look at Frou Frou and Imogen Heap (same singer, different group, I think). Maybe you could also check out Sarah McLachlan and Dido.
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Imogen Heap - hide and seek (yeah, it's the mmmwhatchasay song that was on that SNL sketch and the OC season finale. But give the whole thing a chance with very loud good speakers. It's pretty intense.)

(and if you follow extrabox's link to nina gordon and like it, be sure to check out her sweet NWA cover. Probably not what you are loking for, but cool nonetheless.)
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I've listened to "Breathe Me" for hours and never get tired of it. Other songs i've listened to on repeat for entire days on end: "Let's Dance" cover by M Ward, "I'm Not in Love" cover by Tori, "Came on Lion" by Sarah Harmer, "Move You" by Anya Marina, "Furnace Room Lullaby" by Neko Case, "Is This Desire?" and "Catherine" by PJ Harvey. Yesterday for an hour or so i got hooked on "Goodbye My Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy, but this might be a passing thing.
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The Cardigans, particularly Gran Turismo and Long Gone Before Daylight

The Pernice Brothers, Esthero (Breath From Another), Feist
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Mandalay - Very similar to Sia's "Breathe Me" style. But the group is inconsistent in quality. "This Life" is a great song to put your toe in the water. The group is defunct, but the singer, Nicola Hitchcock, has continued on her own with mediocre (but promising) results.

Daughter Darling - Very mellow with intense vocals. "Things Untold" and "Let Me Speak" are excellent tracks. Like Hitchcock, the lead singer of DD, Natalie Walker, has also struck out on her own. However, though the vocals are nice, the music lacks the lushness that made DD work so well.

Emiliana Torrini - The other Icelandic singer, extremely sensitive vocals but not as intense as the others I've mentioned. "Tuna Fish" was my favorite song from the first album, Love in the Time of Science. Her newest disc, Fisherman's Woman, is excellent, but lacks the soulful bittersweet desperation of her first.

Honorable Mentions and 2nd's:
Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain
Feist's Let it Die
Esthero's Breath from Another
Imogen Heap/Frou Frou
Hooverphonic's Sit Down & Listen To
Kosheen's Resist (especially the song "Ages")

Maybe I'll remember some more later...

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Oh, Louise Rhodes' "Beloved One"
and Dot Allison's "Colour Me" are pretty cool

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You can't go wrong with Esthero.
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On lack of preview, I see cowbellemoo mentioned Esthero.
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Maybe Ben Harper? "Waiting on an Angel" or "Another Lonely Day"

Deb Talan is good too - "Forgiven" and "Two Points"

I see Joseph Arthur's been mentioned. "Honey and the Moon" is a good one by him.
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i'll recommend Ryan Adams' cover of "wonderwall", and maybe because i have a few of the songs mentioned in this thread in a playlist with this one... "when did you get back from mars?" by I Mother Earth.
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