Where can I buy fresh seafood in DC?
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Where can I buy really fresh raw seafood in DC?

I mean, come on, we're not that far from the Atlantic. There's absolutely no reason I should be relegated to eating beheaded, deveined shrimp and frozen crab from Whole Foods.

Is there a metro or bus accessible market or store somewhere in this beautiful city where I can buy shrimp, crabs, clams etc.? Fish a plus, but ain't too big a'deal.
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Check out Black Salt Market on MacArthur Boulevard in Georgetown. The seafood is fantastic, but it certainly isn't cheap.
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What are the days/hours for the Maine Fish Market? I can't seem to find them on the innermets.
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M Slavin and Sons on Glebe Rd in Arlandria.
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Before the fire, I used to get great fish at Eastern Market. Won't help you today, of course, but in the future...

I've never seen hours published for the Maine Street fish market - they open early though, every day except Sunday. You could probably wing it.
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Go to Maine Street. It's what it's there for.
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Seconding M. Slavin and Sons from my days living in Arlington.
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Go down to the Wharf in SW. Eat something cooked while you're there and enjoy the atmosphere. (I'll also say: best crab cakes in DC. That's right. BEST. All crab, very little cake) Then bring home your Tilapia or what have you.
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I always had good luck at Cannon Seafood in Georgetown (1065 31st St, NW). Great staff, good prices (particularly for Georgetown) and always fresh. They supply a lot of the restaurants in DC, but their retail operation is just as good.

The staff is very knowledgeable and honest, too. :)
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Go down to the Wharf in SW

I believe this is the same as Maine Street.
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It is, although I wrongly put Street when I should have put Avenue.

For christ's sake, I used to live right there!
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