Chemical Brothers + Romania = help getting tickets!
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Can you help me order tickets to see the Chemical Brothers live in Romania?

So I'll be in eastern Europe in October, and I just noticed that my favorite musical group of all time will be in Bucharest, Romania on October 20th.

I'm trying to buy tickets, but the fact that I can't speak Romanian is making it difficult.

Here's the website I'm trying to order from:

I enter 2 for "bilete" (because I need two tickets) and hit "Comanda" which takes me to a page to decide how I'm going to pay.

"Plata online prin card debit/credit" seems like the best choice next, since I want to pay with a credit card. From there I'm given the choice of:

"Curier rapid"
"Livrare directa, la sediul The Logistic Department"
"Livrare in afara Romaniei prin curier

Which is the best option for me -- someone who lives in the US and would feel comfortable having tickets-in-hand before I'm in Europe (leaving Oct. 1)?

Even so, trying any of those options leads me to screens requesting information in Romanian beyond my ability to decipher.

Can someone either walk me through this or tell me alternative ways to secure tickets for this show?

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"fast courier"
"direct delivery, at The Logistic Department"
"delivery outside Romania through courier"

I guess last option would be the one you need.
posted by alse at 10:41 PM on August 17, 2007

Response by poster: Thanks, alse.

When i choose the last option, it asks for several more things which I'm not sure of:

"Serie pasaport" (passport number?)
"Cod postal" (zip code?)
"Adresa" (Address?)
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passport number
postal/zip code
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Response by poster: Why would they need my passport number?!
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Who knows.. "security" reasons..

they seem to be legit though.. the chemical bros site links to them
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Response by poster: Okay, I put all of that in, hit next, and it gives me this before sending me back to the main page:

"Ne pare rau, momentan nu puteti comanda prin Plata Online.

Va rugam contactati-ne la numarul de telefon: 021.311.93.23 pentru lamuriri."

What's that mean?
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Best answer: we're sorry, you can't order this online right now.

please call us at 021.311.93.23

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Response by poster: Damn!

So I'm screwed.

I wonder what'll happen if I just show up at the venue day-of-show? SHIT.
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Who knows.. at the least you might find some expensive scalped tickets

I would call the company or email them, I'm sure they'll fix the problem..

if not, you could catch the show in another country
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Get over your hang-up and call them, for sure! The fact that they solicit a passport number proves you're not the first person in this situation, and I'd wager at least someone in their office is a capable English speaker -- just be courteous and apologetic about your Romanian language skills (or lack thereof) and I'm sure they'll be able to help you out. These phrases (lifted from Wikitravel's Romanian phrasebook) ought to get you going:

I can't speak Romanian [well].
"Nu vorbesc [bine] româneste." (NOO vor-BESC [BEE-nay] Roh-MOOHN-esh-teh)
Do you speak English?
"Vorbiţi engleză?" (vor-BEETZ eng-LEH-zuh)
Is there someone here who speaks English?
"Vorbeşte cineva aici engleză?" (vor-BESH-teh CHEEH-neh-vah AY-eetch eng-LEH-zuh)
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