How do I determine comuter drive speed?
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How do I determine computer drive speed? It's an old Dell Inspiron running XP.
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Right click on the My Computer icon on the Desktop and you'll see most of the info you need.
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What do you mean by 'computer drive speed'?

Do you mean the transfer rate from the hard drive? Or the speed (4x, 8x, 32x, whatever) of the CD-Rom drive?
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Best answer: using Computer Management (right-click on My Computer, hit Manage) you can find the model number of the drive - go under Device Manager once it comes up - and a google search should take you to the specs for the drive. it should be on there. don't know of any way to get it out of Windows itself, though.

alternatively, since it's a Dell, plug the service tag into and it might be on there as well. sometimes the drive speed is listed under Original Configuration, which gives you a blow-by-blow of what the machine shipped with. (this obviously won't help if the drive's been replaced, though.)
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