What other great escape movies are out there?
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Lately I’m obsessed with movies featuring prison breaks. Some of the recent ones I’ve seen are: The Great Escape, Stalag 17, Escape from Alcatrez, Shawshank Redemption (of course), Papillon, No Escape, The Scarlet Pimpernel…. What are some good ones I haven’t seen yet?
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Don't forget the Count of Monte Cristo.
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The Rock? The Island? Not great movies either one, but certainly in the theme... also a quick Google search adds Midnight Express and V for Vendetta to your list.
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oh damn, when i said the scarlet pimpernel, i REALLY meant the count of monte cristo. i wish we could edit our questions!
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Cool Hand Luke? Didn't he escape at some point? How bout "O Brother Where Art Thou?"
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Escape from New York.

Although, technically, the inmates don't escape from a prison, Escape to Victory features prisoners of war getting loose (with an Oscar-worthy performance from John Wark - "I'll have the top bunk"). Apparently Sylvester Stallone wanted a different ending (spoiler alert), whereby he not only saved the last-minute German penalty, but then dribbled the ball back up the other end of the park and slotted it home for an Allied victory at the death.
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I don't know if it counts as a prison break (since only 1 guy gets away), but The Killing Fields has a prison escape in it.
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"a man escaped" is simply stunning.
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Escape from New York was a really good movie, although not your "typical" prision.
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The new Herzog movie Rescue Dawn.
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Would The Defiant Ones count? I haven't seen it, so I don't know if all the emphasis is on being on the run or if much of it deals with the prison break.

Also, how about Escape From New York? Or is that taking the concept a little too far?
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In the escapist camp, "Lock Up" and "Tango and Cash." Both with Sylvester Stallone. Both with dramatic (and overwrought) prison breaks.
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Aliens 4
Logan's Run
Star Wars, natch
Sci-fi nerd signing out

That movie Con Air is about a prison break too I suppose
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Out of Sight, which is a great movie.
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Little Dieter Needs to Fly, the Herzog documentary on which Rescue Dawn is based.
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The Deer Hunter has an escape from a POW camp.
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for a comedy i loved 'after the fox' , also known as 'Caccia alla volpe' starring peter sellers.
This features 2 escapes, one at the beginning and one at the end.
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Grand Illusion, by Jean Renoir, is a masterpiece.
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Runaway train is both an awesome prison break movie and an awesome train movie. Surprised noone has mentioned it yet.

Cool hand Luke is more of a chaingang movie but includes lots of escaping. Great movie anyway
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gene_machine, that's odd. I never knew that movie had been released with a title other than just Victory. That said, my little brother and I loved it and watched it at every opportunity.
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The Colditz Story; Bridge Over the River Kwai.
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Midnight Express.
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It was Escape to Victory in the UK, Escape elsewhere. The reason eludes me.
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I meant Victory. Sigh
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Down by Law
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Chicken Run?
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Natural Born Killers - pretty graphic.
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Mrs. Soffel - the warden's wife helps a prisoner escape.
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I really like prison break/escape films as well ... my absolute favorite one, hands down, is Le Trou. It's so good I'm amazed I'm the first to mention it in this thread.

Oh - and I second Chicken Run, as well ... though it's a lot more entertaining after you've seen the 'escape' movies it riffs on (like Cool Hand Luke).
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Seconding Grand Illusion. What an amazing movie.
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The Wooden Horse. Classic British POW movie.
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Raising Arizona.
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I'm a bit fascinated by prison breaks myself. I really liked Das Experiment, a German film, although its not about prison breaks per se.
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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
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Canon City (my birthplace)
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As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me
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Where Eagles Dare might fit the genre, although it's more about rescuing a prisoner than the prisoner getting out of their own accord.
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Seconding LE TROU - great film.

I'd also heartily recommend FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION - JAILHOUSE 41 starring Meiko Kaji.

Its a woman in prison film -but it is much more than that: it is truly lysergic cinema and features some of most stunning visuals ever committed to celluloid.

This Japanese film that falls into a style of filmmaking that I would call artsploitation. This particular film from the FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION (aka FEMALE PRISONER SCORPION) series is currently out of print, but you can probably rent it at a good non-corporate video store (the American Cinematheque released it on dvd back in 1999 or 2000).

The remainder of the films from the series (at least the ones starring Meiko Kaji) are also available on dvd and can be rented from Netflix. But none of the other films are as amazing as JAILHOUSE 41 (which is the second film in the series).

The SCORPION films were among the many influences apparent in KILL BILL - in fact two songs from the soundtrack are featured in KILL BILL VOL. 1.

Once you watch JAILHOUSE 41 - I can guarantee that you will want your friends to watch it too! I made dubs for several of my friends and they were all blown away by the film...
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Although not a movie, Prison Break season 1 is absolutely fantastic. Just what you are looking for too.
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While there's no prison break (there's a break of another kind...but I don't want to spoil) The Fugitive has to be one of the best well, fugitive movies ever.
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lain... its my love for Prison Break the tv show that has launched this quest for similar movies!

Thanks for all the suggestions everybody! Keep them coming!
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Escape from Sobibor! Best Nazi camp escape movie ever, and it's based on a true story!
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We're No Angels, with Bogart, is pretty tops.
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(Which leads us to...)
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Oh, and Silverado features one, and El Dorado is all about preventing one (as is Rio Bravo).
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I'm seconding "Rescue Dawn," which is still playing in some theaters, and thirding "Grand Illusion," which is simply one of the best films ever made. (I think I counted those vouches up right.)

Also, I recommend that you read the book "The Great Escape." It's the account of the actual escape from Stalag Luft III on which the film was based, written by one of the prisoners.
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Masochists may wish to view Christopher Lambert in Fortress.

Breaking out of prison is also a plot element of The Running Man.
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The Last Castle features a nifty little fake prison break.
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I'm seconding 'Runaway Train' and 'O' Brother Where Art Thou?' (see Sullivan's Travels to appreciate the origins of O' Brother), but most of the movies recommended here are worth it.
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Almost forgot. Wedlock is a great b sci-fi escape movie.
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'A Man Escaped' sets the standard. It's a slower movie than most mentioned, so don't expect the pace of a Hollywood adventure movie. If you watch it, read a little on the backstory.
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I third "A Man Escaped".
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I once saw a pretty bad movie - possibly made for TV - depicting the same events as Escape from Alcatrez. In this version, the main character was that guy who ended up getting left behind. Since it was a lot less exciting than the Eastwood version, I assumed it was more faithful to the actual events.
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