Help me find someone in Chicago who can fix my porch this year.
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Please help me find a good contractor on the north side of Chicago to fix my porch.

I convinced my neighbors that we need a comprehensive porch repair for our 3-flat. We hired an architect and now have drawings and permit applications.

I thought the hard part was over, but recent experience suggests otherwise. I can't find a contractor who is both interested in my project and able to do it before springtime.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a reliable contractor who works in the City? We live in East Lakeview. I have tried Just Decks and the Porch People, as well as a couple of other smaller companies suggested by friends. They are either uninterested in a repair project or booked until next year. All experiences, anecdotes, rumors, etc. are welcome.
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I have used ServiceMagic to gather quotes for a home improvement project and was happy with the results. You can fill out a form online detailing what you want, and the website matches you with contractors who are eligible for the project. Then you sit back and wait for them to call you (in my case it was within hours). It would save you from calling around only to be told they can't/won't do the project.
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Graphic Construction (link not working, Google Graphic Construction Evanston) in Evanston is the best contractor I have ever used. Quotes come in 10% to 30% higher than anyone else and completely, totally worth it.
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