I'm looking for Thai music for my restaurant
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I'm looking for Thai music for my restaurant

I just bought a really nice Thai restaurant in Iceland. It's a cozy place that used to be run by a family. The restaurant has seats for around 40 people. The problem is that right now it's a little bit too quiet. You almost feel like you have to whisper so other people won't listen in on your conversations.

So, one way to fight this is to put a nice speaker system up and then play dinner music on low volume to drown out some of the chatter.

The problem is that I know absolutely nothing about Thai music. So therefore I need to find Thai music that would be suitable for my restaurant. I need to be able to buy it on Amazon, or download it for free (iTunes music store does not work in my country).

Although it's a Thai restaurant of course most people won't recognize whether the music is from Thailand or any other part of SouthEast Asia. so, if you have recommendations for music from other countries, then that's also greatly appreciated.
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Of course you must have some real authentic traditional thai music playing. Sometimes playing Indonesian gamelan music or Khmer music will also give the regional ethnic ambience to your restaurant. All the best on your new venture.
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Here you go.
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BTW, gamelan music is cool, but Indonesian culture uses different instruments and sounds than Thailand. So I might stick with Thai music if you're really looking for a particular cultural ambiance. Here's more from Amazon.
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Dengue Fever make some great Khmer psychedelic garage rock. May be a bit more peppy than what you're looking for.
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Siamese Temple Ball

Forced Exposure also has: Molam: Thai Country Groove from Isan, Phi Ta Khon, Thai Pop Spectacular: 1960s-1980s, Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 2, Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 1, Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 2, Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 3, Threshold Houseboys Choir, which is Coil doing choir stuff at a vegetarian festival in Thailand, and Christopher Adler who combines Western avant composition with traditional Thai forms.
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There's also an assload of other Khmer, Burmese, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian music on Forced Exposure, and they will ship anywhere.
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