moving from chicago to london: recommend a cost-effective storage/shipping company, please...
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moving from chicago to london: recommend a cost-effective storage/shipping company, please...

it looks like I'll be moving from chicago to london soon and I'm searching for a place to store a bunch of moving boxes, I am thinking 15 should do, until I have a place secured and am ready to ship them. I want to pay these folks to both store and ship them without me having to come back to the US but alas, there are a bazillion shops on the web. I'm confused. anyone want to recommend someone?

also: what's a cost effective shipping method in the first place? sea freight? the boxes would be filled with mostly books and magazines, so they're going to be rather heavy.
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I don't have experience with that move, but the forums at the Moving Scam website are a great resource for + and - reviews. Here's the international move forum.
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I've used Golan's moving in Chicago for a relatively shorter-distance move (to New York) -- but I really liked their service, and they were cheaper than some competitors. They have a storage business, and might work out a deal to ship overseas...
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US Post Office "book rate" for books is about half the price of anyone else, last time I checked. I think it's called an M-bag (you can stick anything booky in the bag so long as it fits and isn't overweight). A moving box will fit. You'll need to segregate printed matter from the rest of your stuff. Magazines should qualify for book rate.

Once you've segregated out the books, using a store-and-forward company is probably lots more expensive than asking a friend to help you out and hand stuff off to FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL when you want it, even if you have to get a storage unit for a month or two.

Sea freight much cheaper than air freight, of course. Can take six months, but in my experience it takes a few weeks. They don't want to sit on it longer than they have to. This is still probably the cheapest way to get stuff "over here" apart from asking a friend to squirrel some of it away in one of their suitcases when they come over for a visit.
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I used when I moved from Australia to London last year. Their freight pricing was competitive, and I believe they do storage as well as shipping.
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I used a removalist that did international (well, had reciprocal agreements with movers abroad).
They were happy to store things either end for a fee, and I don't think it was too expensive all up, although we had more stuff.
One thing to bear in mind is that the UK has a sucky second hand market. I expected to be able to buy a second hand couch, table, fridge etc. for peanuts if I wasn't picky, but I found the UK wanted lots of money for used gear.
I think I would have made a profit if I had shipped my whole house of furniture to the UK and sold it when I left, the markup was so high.
Also, do you really need to move magazines internationally!?!?
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