Best font-management tool for Windows?
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What is the best font-management utility for Windows?

I have many, many fonts I need to manage. Install/uninstall, preview, search, etc... What is the best tool for this?
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I can't speak specifically for the PC version but, FontExplorerX from Linotype is an awesome font manager on the Mac.
It IS a beta in Windows. Read the "known issues" beforehand. It kicks ass on the Mac, though.
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FontExplorerX is awesome, but untried in Windows. I've used Suitcase for years in Windows without too much of a problem. It lacks some features I'd like to see, but is the best font manager for Windows for now.
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I've used Suitcase in the past, and it functioned more or less as it was supposed to, nothing more, nothing less. Its functionality at the time was limited compared to the Mac equivalent. I'd like to think they've remedied that by now, but I never bothered to upgrade.
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I always used to use The Font Thing to quickly skim through my categorised folders of uninstalled fonts and install the right ones for the project. I haven't found anything as fast and simple for OS X so far...
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MainType. A tad slow, but does everything you could ask of a font manager. A good replacement for TheFontThing, which hasn't been updated in 7 years.
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Font Glancer, for getting a quick look at the fonts you have installed.
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FontExplorerX is CRAP in Windows. Buggy, wildly memory-hogging, horrifically Mac-OS-ported UI (you can port the Mac UI a WHOLE lot better than Linotype has done). Stay away from that awful thing.
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As a graphic and text designer, I can tell you that by far the best font manager is the Delete key.

Windows programs come with far more fonts than you can ever use, and the more you have, the slower they run and the more time you waste trying to choose exactly the right one.

Good design is 99% the size and relation of elements on the page and 1% the type face.

I could pitch everything but Times New Roman and Arial and still do almost all my work. If I need a particular font, I'll know what it is and simply add it.
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KRS, I think I love you.
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Good design is 99% the size and relation of elements on the page and 1% the type face.

That's where we have to agree to disagree.
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