Can you help me find some trendy, comfortable pants that aren't jeans?
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PantsFilter: They no longer make my favorite kind of pants (Allen B. Men's line) so I need some recommendations for good, comfortable men's pants.

I'm a guy who has a hard time finding pants I truly like. I'm not big on jeans, and I can't seem to find comfortable pants at most mall stores.

I have found a maker of Men's pants that are both trendy and comfortable: Allen B's Men's Line.

I used to be able to get these pants from Neiman Marcus (or the local outlet version of Neiman Marcus) but it seems like they have stopped making this line of clothing entirely.

My favorite pair of pants from this line is a pair of cotton cargo type pants that fit kind of loosely and all the pockets on the left size had zippers and on the right size they were just pockets.

I would love it if someone knew of some secret cache of Men's pants from the Allen B. mens line, but i'm more hopeful that someone can direct me to some comfortable, trendy pants that aren't jeans.
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I'm sorry, but I just had! to respond to this one.

I did a little digging, and Allen B is still around, just not selling the pants as far as I can tell. But have you tried getting in touch with them (contact info on the website) to see if they may know where the secret cache is?
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I forgot to include this but Yes. I have called them directly and they informed me that you can't get his men's line anymore.
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Sounds like Banana Republic to me.
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Could you take a favorite pair to a tailor and and have them custom made?
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