iTunes to Flash?
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What's the best way to turn an iTunes (Mac) playlist into a self-contained Flash player that will play the music in that playlist? It seems like someone should have already figured this out and created some kind of script that can do it, but I haven't been able to find any such thing.
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Don't know how to do it with a self-contained player, but there are ways of exporting playlists as XSPF, then using the web music player to play them.
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Response by poster: That's similar to what I'd like to do, but I wonder if there's a dead easy way to point to an iTunes playlist, run some script and then end up with the playlist tracks inside just such a player—similar to idiot-proof creation of a Flash-based slideshow from an iPhoto album, which I know is already possible.

For now I'll play around with that web player and see if I can do the necessary work by hand.

(I'm just looking for creative ways to use my iTunes library and my 10 GB of .Mac storage space.)
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Well, there's an applescript that will do it for myspace's XSPF player; looks like a small matter of programming to modify it.
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The .Mac idea is neat, but if accessing your iTunes via web browser is the ultimate goal then MyTunesRSS is your man.
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