Best content management software for website management?
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What is the best free or low-cost content management software for Web site management?
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With a learning curve, but Typo3.
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Response by poster: I have a colleague who is volunteering for a non-profit that distributes a lot of reference material on its Web site. They run their site on a shared host, so they have access to PHP, Perl, MySQL and so on, but not to Apache config files. Something Wiki-like seems like a good fit, but he doesn't know which wiki would be best (there are a lot) and the slash clones aren't a good fit.
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There is a flat-file wiki that works well and is an easy install, but the problem with Wiki's is that you have to whip up some killer templates because the internal wiki-languages don't have a lot of layout options. Which may not be an issue.

A flat-file wiki may work ok if your site isn't or won't be huge.

For the life of me I can't remember what I installed (wiped that machine) but it was perl, flat-file, and worked out of the box on OS X.

I'm pretty sure it was Kwiki
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If you are looking for commercially supported products, check out CityDesk.
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phpnuke has worked wonders for me. All sorts of plugins for it too.
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Please do a search before posting. This question gets asked pretty much every week.
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