Pocket PC WiFi Connection
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Until tonight, my Pocket PC and NetGear CF card have behaved perfectly - not one lick of trouble installing or running. But tonight: "Unable to obtain a server-assigned IP address. Try again later or enter an IP address in Network Settings." (mi)

Been trouble-free for over 18 months. No troubles with my desktop or my broadband connectivity - everything is running fine. Haven't tinkered with any of the settings on Pocket PC, because there's never been a need to.

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Best kill it all in one go shot is to hard-reset it. Backup first, but that should get you back to square one, which it sounds like you drifted off at some point recently.

On the otherhand, is it your network that's changed? Sounds like perhaps your DHCP server went down...

What PPC?
posted by daver at 9:00 AM on April 29, 2004

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