Sound on Mars?
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Musicfilter: I was listening to Indie 103.1 (a Los Angeles radio station) and a song came on where it seemed that half of it was a strange narration of a Martian invasion. If any of you know what I'm talking about, I'd be grateful. The narrating was in a serious, NPR kind of voice... if that helps.
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Was it Orson Wells?(You may be able to recognize the voice if you find a clip in there somewhere) War of the worlds was originally a radio gag, either the station or someone else may have spliced it into a song.
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Orson Wells' Invasion from Mars, perhaps. Link to the broadcast here.
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Best answer: I'll bet you 50p it was "Eve of War" by Jeff Wayne from his musical version of "The War Of The Worlds".

Hold up, I'll dig out an MP3.
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When did you hear it? They've got a playlist feature on their website and have also answered e-mail requests/song questions before.
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Response by poster: mdonley - It was June 16 when I heard it.
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Hmmm...There's a link to it here, but it seems to be dead.

And another one here to WFMU's blog - but my crappy connection won't let me connect to it.

Someone'll be along with a decent link shortly, I'm sure. In the meantime searches along these lines will lead you to the goodness, I'm sure
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...I'm sure.
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Response by poster: While I wait for that to load, Jofus, I'll try to add more detail. Besides the narration, there was generic song structure with a chorus and all of that, and it was as I remember the length of a normal song. The voice could have been a recording of Orson Wells, but without the actual song I couldn't be sure.
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Response by poster: Though the length I imagine can be changed for radio.
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Response by poster: Jofus, I am in awe. That is exactly the song I heard, it just started about 5 minutes in. Thank you all, but especially Jofus.
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No problem - it's a top tune. I only wish I could listen to it myself.

Another emergency averted, I shall retire to my bed for the night.
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The live version of the show is on tour. The show will be in the UK, Australia and NZ. Might go to the US. Not sure.
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For future reference...I also heard a song on Indie 103 a week ago I wanted to know about. I e-mailed them and was told about a hard-to-find link on their web site. Basically it linked to which shows playlists for major radio stations across the U.S. Unfortunately, it isn't really complete and seems to show only "major" songs. But still, it's a decent starting place to find songs playing on the radio.
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