cheapest way to print art
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I have some jpeg images that I'd like to blow up and print on glossy paper to frame and hang in my room. Is the easiest/cheapest way to go to a local kinkos or copy shop with a usb or are there cheaper alternatives to printing poster sized prints online?
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How large are the source images? You're going to experience severe loss in image quality if they're not at least 300 pixels per inch you want. (For instance, a 10" wide image should be at least 3000 pixels.)

You may want to see if there's a local photo place that can offer you larger prints. I've generally found that once you get into photographic printing, the chain places like Kinkos do a terribly job.
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x2 on the Rasterbator.
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What beaucoupkevin said: if your images are low resolution, they won't look good huge.

Pictopia does good work. (Disclaimer: I used to work there, but have no remaining financial interest or relationship with them.)
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PerfectPosters did some nice work for me.
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Are you a Costco member, or do you know one? They do excellent work, and you can upload to the website and pick it up in person.
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When it comes to blowing things up, the photo shop has been the best in my experience. I first went to Kinko's to blow up an image, and after getting the results, I then went to a photo shop and got a whole lot better. The photo folks, from my experience, are better equipped for enlarging photos.
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Heard these guys are good- Mighty Imaging
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I've used to make posters.
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