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I'm presenting a poster at a scientific conference. I'm an old hat at this, but am tiring of the boilerplate designs that we all use. Can you point me to more minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing scientific posters?

This particular presentation is on the casual side, and I have other props as well, so it might be an opportunity to experiment with cleaner, modern designs. I would like to have the usual hypothesis, methodology, results, etc. info on the poster (4ft by 3ft), but just the basics, and not much text. The emphasis should be on the content, of course -- templates that sacrifice clarity for aesthetics won't work. I'm not very good at coming up with original ideas from scratch, but poking around a few templates can get me started.
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Just doing a GIS for 'latex poster' returns a bunch of relevant results, including some that seem a bit prettier/fancier than usual, --BUT-- also starts returning maybe-possibly-NSFW results after a few scrolldowns.
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I like Karolinska Institutet's template, personally. From an informatics standpoint, I think it strikes a good balance in what a poster's structure should allow for without being boring. The three-column layout is clean, simple, and it reads from left to right without requiring viewers to be given an explicit set of instructions on how to read the poster. There is space to add large eye-catching figures or photos in the lower-left corner below the abstract — a good spot for presenting the data that is most directly relevant to the abstract printed above, as there is clear directionality from the abstract to the graphic space below. The text space in the right 2/3rds forces one to be succinct and only put in what needs to be said, for the benefit of those who want more detail than what is provided in abstract and core figures.
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I direct you to the Better Posters blog.
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Colin Purrington has some good tips and an example of what not to do (5 MB pdf).
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I designed a lovely, simple, easily-personalized template that I have used for two medical conference poster presentations. I'd be happy to send it to you for your perusal - memail if interested.
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Are you required to create the poster yourself? (I am unfamiliar with the academic requirements for these presentations in the sciences.) If not, just hire a graphic designer - someone with that kind of skill can take this further "outside of the box" than you'll be able to on your own.
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