Looking for help on printing custom panoramas
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I'm looking for websites, tips and ideas on printing individual posters with odd dimensions. Have you had better luck with local printers, or are there good online options?

I've been looking longingly at some images posted by Martin St-Amant on WikiCommons. They're high quality images, but most are in odd dimensions. I also have my own photos that I'd like to get printed, and I like the idea of printing uncommon image sizes. The print shops I've seen list standard sizes and don't mention custom jobs. Can you recommend some online shops, or is this the sort of thing that is best suited to local shops? Perhaps a college print shop with a plotter? Thanks!
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I've used zazzle to print two slightly odd dimension prints. I don't know if there prices are competitive or if their work will suit your needs---with only two prints, I didn't do much research---but I've been very happy with the final product.
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Living in London, I normally go to a "local" pro imaging place - which is of very, very high standard. They have several price points, depending on the print size. They will charge at the smallest size that will fit the print I'm making. I really can't see this being an issue for anywhere but the most basic automated online places.
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I work regularly with three local print shops, and almost all of them are willing to work with odd sizes. Usually, it's a matter of running a larger print size and cutting down, but since I'm a regular customer, I get a deal on one-offs like that.
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I've used Perfect Posters and gotten good results.
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I'm also a fan of Perfect Posters. (And I really like the website: It's kind of ugly in a charming way, but quite user friendly.)
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