How to evaluate market research firms?
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My employer is investigating the introduction of a new software product. My job, among others, is to find a market research firm that can give us information about the trials, tribulations, needs, psychology, et cetera of various types of customers. How can I figure out which research firms are good?

Google gives me plenty of market research firms, but I don't know how best to figure out which ones are worth our money. I want to find some really solid, top-tier researchers, either general or industry-specific. How to sort the gold from the pyrite? Is there someone who reviews or evaluates these sorts of things?

This is a question about methodology, but of course if you have good personal experiences with a specific market researcher I'm interested to hear that too.
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I worked in Market Research for c. 20 years up until a couple of years ago when I baled. I have no link to any company now so feel free to email me with your specs and I'll try to give you a few company names.
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I should have said email in profile.
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