Lessor of two evils
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Lessor of two evils: Are there good car leasing companies?

Second Daughter will be acquiring a new vehicle this week. She is looking for the best lease rates/terms. The manufacturer has a pretty good lease but can you recommend a good lease company to work with?
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Well, four hours of silence says something. Nobody has a good experience with a leasing company? Wow.
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Prime Lease is recommended by LeaseGuide.com, but I suspect there is a financial relationship. I'm not sure why your question went unanswered, but in the future you should not add a comment, as it takes you off the unanswered tab. Check back tomorrow and the day after, and you'll probably have better answers.
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I've gotten great deals by using leasecompare first time around nobody could beat them, then second time around the dealer bent over backwards trying to beat them and managed by about $30/mth.

My last lease was through USBank who I was very happy with, and most recently I got a loan through my credit union.

Hope this helps.
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I'll add that on my second lease the rates the dealer quoted initially were way over the leasecompare rates so having that info in hand really helped. If you don't intend on keeping the car the dealer rates can work out really well because they yank up the residual to reduce you payments.
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What is she looking for in a lease? How long? Does she intend to buy the car at the end of the lease? Why is she leasing instead of buying? What manufacturer, and which car? Is she set on this particular car and model? Answers to some of these questions, and other details about her situation, may help people to answer your question.
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Thanks for all the answers. She's leasing because she intends to travel extensively by the end of the lease period and will want to have no car while she's gone. She wants to lease for 24-36 months.

I've seen leasecompare.com and am glad to know they are legit.
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I should add that she is looking at a Nissan Versa. Nissan does offer 0.7% but not for the model/features she wants.
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