Where can I find a free website to upload a small pdf file for others to download?
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Where can I find a free website to upload a small pdf file for others to download???

I have a couple of small files (pdf , jpg) I would like to upload to a free website (e.g. yahoo geocities ?) so that some interested people can be redirected from elsewhere to download from the site.

I have tried yahoo geocities but I don't think it has such features.

Please help.

Thank you very much.
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Yousendit is one.
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Ah, maybe that's not what you want--yousendit is for you to email a link to someone for them to download. Sorry!
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senduit.com There are many sites that do the same thing. Unless you're talking *viewing* a pdf online, then use docufarm. Use tinypic for image hosting.
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I prefer them to download the file, not view online.

Please keep more suggestions coming.

Thanks a million for the suggestions so far.
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These are really all the suggestions you need. p&c's pretty much nailed it.

There are plenty of sites that compete with senduit--sendspace, divshare, megaupload, zshare, yousendit, dropload, etc. (here are some comparisons), but any one of them should work just fine for your purposes.
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#1: if you want them to download rather than "view online", make sure the files are stored in a ZIP archive instead of left on the file server natively;

#2: I assume this is a personal matter, as companies generally have capabilities for this sort of thing, so contact your ISP. Most ISPs provide a certain amount of web space for hosting personal files -- usually 10mb or less -- at ungainly-looking URLs. That's a perfect place to host a couple of files for download.
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Got a gmail account?

Then you already have a webpage space at:

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Depending on how many people we're talking about you could just sign up for a gmail address or something and give everyone the the username and password. There are no limits to what you can upload/download up to 3 gigabytes or so.
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Another Google alternative is Google Base.
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Google docs may be able to do that.
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I have used esnips.com for this in the past.
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Scribd is a website where you can upload and read PDF documents. It uses flash as a PDF reader, so it's good for sending PDFs to people who aren't computer savvy and/or don't have Acrobat.
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I forgot to mention that Scribd also lets you save the files uploaded to it.
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Thanx for the GoogleBase tip, jaimev.
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