Recommendations for press release distribution and writing?
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I'm looking for recommendations for press release distribution and writing.

I've got a new business (site) launch coming up, and "open for business" isn't the biggest of headline grabbers I would still like to send out a release.

I'm most interested in recommendations for distributors since I don't have the knowledge to separate the ones that reporters pay attention to from the ones they put in the circular file. If possible I'm looking for general national (US) distribution for $1K or less.

I could write the release myself, but if anyone has any good recommendations for this, I'd be glad to outsource this task to someone qualified.
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As a journalist, not a PR person, I can tell you this about what may help if you decide to do it all yourself:

1. Tell us what makes your business different from every other one out there. What's special about it? Essentially, why should anyone care? Realize that many reporters and editors are wary of "new business!" stories because (a) if you do one, you have to do them all and (b) they can easily smack of free advertising. So before you even try a PR pitch, make sure you've got a solid angle.

2. Target the right people. You want business and tech editors and writers. Send your press release to specific people, not just to, say, the managing editor or the city editor. (Unless we're talking very small weekly newspapers, where there are only a few editors to begin with.)
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