Copying Webpages with Embedded Links
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Is there a way to copy text on a webpage and paste in Word with all of the embedded web links attached?

I downloaded a "copy links" extension in Firefox, but when I did "copy and paste" all that appeared was a page of the links. I also tried just selecting the entire page and copying into Word, but the hypertext links of specific words on the page did not function. I'm using Firefox and Word for the Mac (2004) or Word 2003 (PC) Suggestions? Thanks!
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For whatever reason, I've had better luck doing this with Safari that with Firefox.

For instance, copy/pasting your post from Safari into Word gives me all of the formatting intact, including the links to your profle and the category, as well as the font styles.

Doing the same in Firefox gives me the text...unformatted and with no links.
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This extension for Firefox. Select your text, right click, copy as HTML. Will preserve all the formatting and whatnot.
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Use edit/paste special and choose HTML format.

It works with Firefox and Word 2003 without any additional extensions.
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From Firefox browser, File -> save as... Choose type as HTML only. Open up the file you saved with word, and delete what you don't need.
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