Yes. It's the Barry White Question.
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I need some music recommendations in the style of Barry White. In particular, I'm looking for the type of music which one could imagine would play when a bachelor walks into his penthouse, pushes a button, and a bar swivels around, the lights dim, and Barry starts crooning.

Some examples of these songs would be :

Marvin Gaye - Let's get it on
Barry White - Can't get enough of your love
Teddy Pendegrass - Love TKO

I.e, not romantic songs like Babyface or Billie Holiday or Frank Sinatra, but more the ultra deep male voice asking the lady to relax at his bar.

It's not about the genre, but about the atmosphere created by the song. For example, James Brown - "This is a man's world" would also qualify, as would the Armstrong version of "Mack the knife". I'd also add "Just the guy to do it" by Toby Keith to the list, even though the last 3 are Funk, Jazz and Country, respectively.

So. Any suggestions?
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Al Green

For female voices, Nina Simone
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Dean Martin works for me too, by the way.
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Response by poster: By the way, I'm looking for specific songs, not for artists. Artists are too vague, most of their songs are not appropriate.
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Seconding Miss Lynnster: 70's era Al Green is usually a good bet. His best-known is probably Let's Stay Together.

Also, although the tone is a maybe little more mournful than your other selections, Issac Hayes' rendition of Walk on By is pretty good for "ultra deep male voice" quality.
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Clarence Carter, however be warned his lyrics don't leave much to the imagination.
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Response by poster: Some other songs from my selection. It should be like the type of music you expect Chef from South Park to play.

Lets Get It On - Marvin Gaye
You Remind Me - R. Kelly
Your Love Is King - Sade
Where You Gonna Go - Toby Keith
Just The Guy To Do It - Toby Keith
I Love This Bar - Toby Keith
Love TKO - Pendergrass, Teddy
cant get enough of your love babe - Barry White
Smooth Operator - Sade
The Sound of Silence - Kenny G
Girl From Ipanema - Lou Rawls
Me And Mrs Jones - Ronnie Foster
Craig David - Born To Do It
Kinky Reggae - Bob Marley & The Wailers
its only love doing its thing - Barry White
oh what a night for dancing - Barry White
practice what you preach- Barry White
LL Cool J - Doin It
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Response by poster: Oh lord, Clarence Carter is genius! Just exactly what I'm looking for!
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Tom Jones - Sex Bomb or What's New Pussycat
Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby
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I dunno, I'm not sure I'd include R Kelly on the list given his, uh, notoriety. I'm just sayin'...
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I thought maybe "The Sensual Woman" by the Herbaliser might work.

Gato Barbieri's version of "Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile" also.
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Maybe try and see what it gives you.
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Bill Withers' Greatest Hits. Specifically songs like Use Me, Ain't No Sunshine, Just the Two of Us. I mean, just check the album art on this sucker. That should tell you everything you need to know.
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Well, I see you're already onto Pendergrass, but just check the album art on this sucker. That should tell you more than you need to know. Or you could just listen to the samples, each and every one seems to fit your criteria.
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I'm Your Mechanical Man - Jerry Butler
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I see you have Sade on your list - I would add most songs on Norah Jones' first album, especially Come Away with Me (the song). Seconding Bill Withers.
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Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
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Al Green: "Simply Beautiful"
Not a super low voice, but oooh man. Ask her to dance when you put it on.

Not as loungey, but also try Otis Redding, "These Arms of Mine" and "That's How Strong My Love Is"; for more contemporary, D'Angelo's "Feel Like Makin' Love" and "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" (both of those are on the slightly explicit side).
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The look of love by Dusty Springfield. I personally like the Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 version.


Don't go with with song by ABC. Although its quite awesome, it doesn't have the same feel that you're looking for.
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Moments Of Love by Art Of Noise
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Morning Sunrise - Weldon Irvine
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Super Duper Love, Pts. 1 & 2 - Sugar Billy Garner
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So, have you built the penthouse with the swivel-out bar? We need details. Blueprints. Etc.
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"Love Won't Let Me Wait" by Major Harris.
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Sorry for the derail, but I wanted you to know that plans for your swinging bachelor pad would be even cooler than zoomorphic's fort.
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Nthing Al Green: "Here I Am (Come and Take Me)", "L-O-V-E" and ""Love and Happiness" in particular.
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Would you believe Faith No More?

Only sometimes though.
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Barry White wouldn't have existed, in the musical sense, without Hot Buttered Soul. The Isaac Hayes album is still eighteen different kinds of awesome, and even more so in the case of "Walk on By."
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Gawd! Someone mentioned Chef and even gave a whole list of songs he'd like without mentioning Isaac Hayes?
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The Ultra Lounge series has a lot of music that might fit the bill, and their sampler is a good way to get a cross-section.
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Leon Haywood - I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
George McCrae - I Get Lifted
Latimore - Lets Do It In Slow Motion
Solomon Burke - Over and Over
Dennis Edwards - Dont Look Any Further
Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness (instr.)
Mtume - Juicy Fruit
Isaac Hayes - Fever
Staple Singers - Lets Do It Again
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Don't forget the Spinners' "I'll Be Around."
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It's not always sexual-themed, but damn if Curtis Mayfield didn't make some of the sexiest music I've ever heard. Listen to "Curtis" and try and tell me you're not impressed.
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Luther Vandross "The sweetest one", Johnnie Taylor "Your love is rated X", Tyrone Davis "In the mood", Roy Ayers "The boogie back", The Brothers Johnson "Strawberry letter #23" and Grover Washington jr. "Winelight" (entire album).
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2nding ultralounge ... there is a torrent of about 15 albums.
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You say chef from South Park.
Chef from South Park is none other than Isaac Hayes, who is very much what you're looking for.
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