Needed: Seattle Area Financial Planner
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Seattle Filter: Looking for a Financial Planner to assist twenty-something newlyweds with combining finances, investment strategies, etc.

Anyone know of a good financial planner in the Seattle area? I've read the previous threads, checked NAPFA's site, and done my homework, but before I called someone out of the blue I thought I'd see if anyone had previous experience with someone they liked/trusted/would recommend.

My new wife and I are both under 25 and realize that if we can get a jump start now on saving for retirement, kids' college funds, home ownership, etc. then it'll pay off (literally) later in life. We're not so much interested in debt management since our credit is great and our student loans are low interest, however CD's, Roth IRA's, 401k's, Mutual Funds, etc. are all things we're looking to consult a professional on. Preferably a fee-only adviser with 5 yrs. + experience.

Know anyone that fits this criteria in the Seattle area?
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Best answer: I know this guy (Scroll down to the Edward Jones link, for some reason I can't get the direct link to Jason's page to work), I don't have my money with him but I know he's trustworthy, smart and experienced.

Disclaimer, I don't have my money with him because I don't have enough funds to warrant a planner...if I did I would go directly to him, pass GO, and give him that $200 to invest as well.
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Best answer: My financial advisor, Alecia Modahl, kicks ass. She is associated with Axa Advisors (offices in Bellevue. Straight up, honest, explains what is going on with your money.
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