I need help getting set up to make my video podcast!
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How should I go about producing my new, high quality, music / video podcast?

So I’ve got a moderately popular podcast, and it’s been suggested to me that I make the move into video podcasts as well. This interests me because a) most rap videos out there are ass, and this would give indie artists a chance to get their (artistic, cool, inspiring) videos some shine, and b) this will give me an opportunity to make an ass of myself on the interweb.

Here’s the thing, though – I’m also going to be on camera some, and be doing interviews. I have a (fairly old) camera, but I’m afraid it’s not going to do. My audio podcast is basically pro radio quality, so I want similarish quality with the video. I want these things to look good.

So Question 1:
What sort of camera should I look at getting? I am fairly broke but for me, art > food. Should I go HD? 3 CCD?
Any particular model I should look for? Is renting a good idea?

As for what I’m aiming for, consider that I’d like this to look good on AppleTV, video iPods (or the like), and within a browser window. Considering that I’m going for the web only, I don’t think I need to get a super-expensive camera – what’s going to be the most sane choice for me? I don't really know what to expect budget wise.

Next, I know that bad audio can kill a good video. So, considering that I’ll be doing interviews – mainly on the street and outside,
Question 2: should I go with lapel mics? wired mics? A larger attachment mic for the camera? Any brands? Is used a good option? Also: are there any other accessories that I should look at?

Overall requirements/notes for both camera/audio:
- I am not rich.
- I have done some production work, am familiar with shooting/editing and prefer larger cameras (easier to manipulate, need manual focus, etc).
- I can be a bit hard on equipment, so durable would be good.
- I'd like to be fairly portable with all this. Minimal is best.

I’m also open to any caveats, recommendations, etc regarding what you think it’ll take to make a brilliant video podcast. I’ve already got access to a mac with Final Cut, and some experience. I appreciate any suggestions, and I’ll shout you all out in the first episode!

As an aside, if you have music/videos you think I should be aware of, my email’s in the profile.
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No real opinion about production but have the following in my bookmarks, thought to share:

1. Practice with Teleprompter, podcast with it




2. Unless you intend to buy the entire audience sea-sickness pills, do please get at least this





No idea why the steadystracker site is down.
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There are only minor real advantages in getting an HD camera; and the post time for utilizing HDV in this format isn't worth it.

When all is said and done, your picture will be 320x240 for ipods and for bandwidth issues.

You keep saying that you're not rich - set a budget and buy the best camera in that budget. Three chip over one chip, but generally speaking that's it. FCP6 has a great new adjustment to help you steady shots (called smoothcam. It takes of bit of a render/huge filesize) but it works pretty well.

Just make sure you have the ability to attach an external mike.

If you're going to do this regularly, don't rent. After about 3-5 rentals you could buy the camera.

You say you know bad audio can kill the work. Don't do 'on the street' interviews. They're always going to sound so-so. And when that bus passes nearby, you're going to hear it.

How many people are going to be in your crew - I assume you intend to be on camera. Most cameras only handle two inputs. that's your wireless lav, and one person you're interviewing. OR you could get someone to boom the shot (but they have to be good to anticipate who is talking.)
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