Really, I'm just waiting for The Protomen to do this.
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Music videos are a dime a dozen. However, it's pretty rare for an entire album to be made into a single video with a coherent narrative. What are some examples of this?

Last night, somebody pointed me to the fantastic video of TV on the Radio's Nine Types of Light, which is an hour-long music video that encompasses every song on the album.

What other albums have been made into a single video with a coherent narrative to tie everything together?

My criteria:
  • It's gotta be good.
  • I'm not looking for a series of single videos played back-to-back. There needs to be some sort of narrative or thematic link between tracks.
  • I'm not looking concert recordings, unless the live performance adds some kind of narrative element that was not present on the album.
  • No soundtracks, unless the film was genuinely focused on the music. Let's arbitrarily say that the film needs to be at least 80% music.
  • EPs, and really long single songs are OK.
  • Collaborations and compilations are also OK.
  • Normal-length songs with extended videos (ie. Telephone by Lady Gaga, and O Valenia by the Decemberists) are cool, but not really what I'm looking for. We'll save that for another post.
The only other video like this that I can think of is Vincent Moon's rendition of Beirut's The Flying Club Cup. I'm sure I'm missing some others. Enlighten me!
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If you can find it, "Broken" by NIN.
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The film versions of the "rock operas" Jesus Christ, Superstar and Tommy fall into this category.
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(Prolly would have been smarter to link here instead, sorry.)
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Pink Floyd: The Wall
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Daft Punk's Discovery (via Interstella 5555).
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DJ Q-Bert's Wave Twisters.
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R.E.M.'s Left of Reckoning takes the first side (called the Left Side on the LP) as its subject. Not the whole album, but half!

This definitely leans to the art side versus a narrative, in my opinion, but I'll let you be the judge of that.
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A Hard Days Night
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Ditto Interstella 5555, by Daft Punk and Leiji Matsumoto.
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Quadraphenia was made into a movie.
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R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" sequence works this way.
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The Decemberists made Here Come the Waves - The Hazards of Love Visualized to showcase their Hazards of Love album.
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I'm not sure how many songs it encompasses (it's on my to-watch list), but Arcade Fire/Spike Jonze's Scenes from the Suburbs would seem to fit.
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I like to think of Koyaanisqatsi as an hour and a half long Phillip Glass music video.
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Kanye West did something similar to this for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (although it wasn't the entire album, it did feature many tracks from it).

Girl Walk is a project that takes the latest Girl Talk album and sets it to interpretive dance.

I'm pretty sure that the Liars have come close, as they released a DVD with their album Drum's not Dead with a lot of video content (although I don't think it matches 1-to-1 with the album).

As an aside, per Wikipedia, "In 1971, avant-garde group The Residents began filming what was supposed to be the first feature length music video "Vileness Fats". Due to time constrains and technical problems, the group abandoned the project in 1976."
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The The did this with Infected, good in a mid-80's kind of way.
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Indirectly- Dark Side of the Rainbow
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Carina Rounds did it for her Slow Motion Addict album. Don't know how you'd go about procuring such film, i could only find a few episodes on her youtube channel...
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Sean Lennon did it with his 2006 album Friendly Fire.
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cgc373: "R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" sequence works this way."


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The 20 minute video Fight for your Right Revisited (found from MetaFilter) isn't the whole of the Beastie Boys new album, but features a number of tracks from Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.
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Queensryche made a long-form music video for *Operation: Mindcrime* that has *most* of the album on it (a couple songs aren't included).
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Prince - Sign o' the Times
Prince - Purple Rain
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obligatory Hold Steady example:

Seperation Sunday: The Movie (it's in 5 parts. that's just part 1). the whole album makes one (mostly) coherent narrative, so its perfect for this
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It may not be a coherent narrative, but I think that Blondie's Eat to the Beat was the first album I know of released as an entire video sequence, on Laserdisc.
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This isn't quite what you're talking about but it's similar. In the 1990's there was a series of shows released on VHS and Laserdisc called "The Mind's Eye", consisting of computer animation along with original background music. There were four of them. Thomas Dolby did the music for one, and Jan Hammer did another. (I owned the one Jan Hammer did, and it was really cool.)

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Heh. Sorry, schmod. R. Kelly may not meet your first criterion, "gotta be good."
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ovvl: I think Blondie might have just been pipped by ELO's Discovery. The album was released in May in the UK & June in the US; I think the video was released concurrently with US release. That puts it a couple of months before Blondie.

Thematically it's a bit all over the place (unless you count "80's hair and video effects" as a theme ;-), but there's some degree of consistency.

(Trivia: The guy on the album's back cover, holding the big-ass sword, is Brad Garrett.)
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ABC teamed up with Julien Temple for an hour-long film, "Mantrap,"(1983) that weaves in most of the songs on The Lexicon of Love with a story that pays homage to 50's espionage movies.
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