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How does one go about becoming a Miss Hawaiian Tropic judge?

I saw it in the paper the other day - an editorialist in the 24 Hours newspaper in my city was asked to be a judge and I thought "man, that's gotta be the coolest job ever". But what does it take? Do you have to sign up? Is there an interview process?
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These kinds of perks are dealt with by public relations flacks to encourage press coverage -- which is exactly why the journalist was on the panel.

Hawaiian Tropic is owned by Playtex. Talk to their press people.

Playtex Products, Inc.
Press: Jean Fufidio
Marketing Vice President
(203) 341-4172

Investors: Laura Kiernan
Vice President, Investor Relations
(203) 341-4262
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Though I'm not a Miss Hawaiian Tropic judge I'm pretty sure it is by invitation. Think about it, if you were in charge of the pageant how hard would it be to find people to fill the judge seats? Just asking would do it.

Though I don't know what your ideal Dream Job is I'd guess that you'd have more fun being in the audience. Judges actually have to work a bit, though they probably get a nice hotel/open bar/decent food, but there are a lot of jobs that can get you that. And as nice as it sounds to be inundated by beautiful women all day... Let me tell you a story:

Once I was involved in filming a commercial that featured a dozen cheerleaders. I and two other young guys had the job of auditioning them. For two days we got to tell 18 year old girls in cheerleader outfits what to do. I think we saw over a thousand of them. Of those we got to pick the 12 best, tell them what to wear, how to look and what to do.

Dream job, right?

It was just too much. After the first 30 minutes it became work. After a couple hours it was a chore. The second day was frankly excruciating. By the time the thing filmed, no one in the crew was excited to see the world's hottest cheerleader squad. After the gig was up all three of us never wanted anything to do with cheerleaders or 18 year old blonds ever again.

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My mom worked at a hotel that hosted the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageants in Myrtle Beach when I was a kid (early 80's). She says the judges were all local celebrities-radio disc jockeys, sports guy on the local news, etc., but once they were short of judges and they asked a hotel employee (a bartender who looked alarmingly like Rod Stewart) to step in. I think that unless you're in the entertainment business in some capacity, it's a right time/right place kind of thing.

-Little Miss Hawaiian Tropic Myrtle Beach, Third Runner-up, 1981.
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