Looking for a sampler/looper/track recorder for OSX.
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Looking for a sampler/looper/track recorder for OSX.

I want to make my own version of Jay-Z's The Black Album using the Jay-Z construction set (yes I know we've had enough versions of TBA...) so I am looking for a program for OSX that i can feed MP3's into and grab segments, then loop, speed up/down, layer tracks, etc.

I don't think Garage Band works with MP3's and this sort of sampling, and I don't want something as heavy as Pro Tools.
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PS, looking for free sofware
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You're probably not going to find something free, but if you want to play around you could look at a demo of Ableton Live.
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What about Audacity?
It's free, seems to do a lot, and people recommend it all the time.

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Here is a decent list of free Mac audio software.

Ableton Live would really be best for what you want to do, but it's not free (they do have decent working demos but you can't save; you might be able to rig some way to externally record the audio stream from the demo??)

Audacity alone would not work for multi-channel looping, but you might be able to use it's VST hosting, and then find a free looper/sampler type VSTi (check popular VST sites like KVR).
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I would visit I Use This and see what is around. You can search by tag.
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For what you want to do free is a bit of a tall order in my experience, but Rogue Amoeba's "Fission" has a great interface and is worth looking into for the basic editing. It won't do all that you want to do but there is a demo and I have found it more stable (and prettier ;-) than Audacity.

Maybe Fission with something like "Amazing Slow Downer" and bring it all together in Garageband?

Good luck and be sure to share the results in MeFi music. :-)
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Ableton Live combined with this: http://plasq.com/musolomo/
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