seeking Somerville shrink, STAT!
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Due to several simultaneous personal disasters (romantic, financial, social, professional), I need to deal with my (long-standing) anxiety problems right away. Please help me find the resource I need -- I live in Somerville MA (near the red line, but have no car), would prefer free or a sliding scale, and would like to be prescribed medication. I'm not sure what assistance I might qualify for, I make ~$35K. Its very difficult for me to get time off of work, so I'd prefer to be seen on a weekend or after 5:30 on a weekday. I also have a ton of fear about the idea of seeing a therapist in the first place. GLBT resources would be appropriate, but not required. This seems impossible. Thanks for any advice.
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Can't give a specific recommendation, but Psychology Today's website has listings for psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and social workers, all set up in a searchable-by-zip-code format. Each person has a small bio, often a picture, and some offer free phone consultations before setting up an appointment. Also, and helpfully, they offer email contact to that person - you can just click through, fill out a *very* short information form, and the person will then contact you. It's helpful and non-threatening.

Good luck to you.
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Does your employer offer any sort of wellness program/services? Some of these cover therapists and such for a limited time without any out-of-pocket, though it may be for only 10 visits or so. You call the 800 number, talk to someone briefly (I think they want to screen folks who might be at very high risk of abuse/suicide) then get a list of providers in the local area.

Seconding the good luck wishes.
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I can give you a couple of specific recommendations for therapists in Cambridge. E-mail is in my profile.
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Try contacting the Fenway Community Health folks - if they can't help you directly (they do have counseling services) they will likely be able to give you some names & numbers.

Finding a good therapist is not without its pitfalls - you may need to meet with more than one or two or three before you find someone compatible - but it can be done. A therpaist who's a LICSW (licensed clinical social worker) will not be able to prescribe meds - for that you need someone with an MD, or a nurse practitioner - but again, will likely be able to refer you to someone who can.

If your employer has an Employee Assistance Program, call them. If you have insurance and a primary care physician, call him/her and make an appoinment.
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What do you mean by "right away"? Keep in mind that most SSRIs and other antidepressants take a couple of weeks to reach full effect.
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I second rtha -- contact Fenway Community Health.
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It's across the river, but I think the CT2 bus goes around the BU bridge. Anyway, BU has an anxiety clinic and it looks like they bill on a sliding scale. If you poke around their site there's a lot of information about how they work and what they do.

There are anti-anxiety meds that work immediately, like benzodiazepines. They are habit-forming, though, so it's possible that you might be put on one of the benzos right away but only for a little while as well as an antidepressant, which will take probably a month to work. (This is what happened to me, anyway).

Good luck, keep safe.
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If you're a woman, Women's Mental Health Collective on Roseland St. on the Cambridge/Somerville border might work. I don't know anyone there personally but had it lined up for some therapy I ended up going elsewhere for. Fees can be negotiated based on income accoding to the information on site. Good luck.

Actually, it looks like they see men as well as women.
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Cambridge Hospital Dept of Psychiatry on Cambridge Street had great therapists when I was there, and have hours until 8 pm, and I am sure they have a sliding scale. Their phone: 617-591-6033. Good luck.
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I live in Somerville and I've been where you are.

Psychological Associates in Medford Square. It's a #94 bus ride from Davis Square, so you probably won't need a car. I'm not sure what kind of fees we'd be talking about though - you may want to Google their number and give them a call.

Good luck.
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