Is there anywhere to buy counterfeit goods in Portland, Oregon?
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Are there any stores that sell counterfeit goods in Portland, Oregon?

Not counterfeit DVDs and CDs that are often sold at "swap meets", but larger consumer items like watches or home electronics. I know that intentionally buying counterfeit items is illegal, so I won't actually purchase anything, but this post made me curious.
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There are often guys selling bootleg DVDs, CDs, watches, shoes, purses, athletic jerseys, shampoo/perfume/other beauty products, etc. on the corner of MLK and Killingsworth when the weather is nice. I've also spotted them a bit up the street in the parking lot of the unSafeway on the corner of MLK and Ainsworth.

I also know that there was recently a raid on a swap meet out in Hillsboro for bootlegged movies, music, and clothing.
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What togdon said. I've seen a few dudes with CDs/DVDs spread out on blankets along the Lombard/Columbia Hwy area as well.
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fyi meta
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Those mom and pop stores on 82nd and further out toward Gresham some have racks of Bray Bans and might have Sonee Workmans in their display cases.
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Go to a non-mall jewelry store and ask to look at high-end watches. About half of them will be outright counterfeits and/or will have counterfeit parts. This was especially true of Cartier watches, but not much for that brand anymore.
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There was just recently a big bust out in Hillsboro (if I remember correctly) of counterfeit goods being sold at a swap meet.
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Response by poster: Huh, I live really close to MLK & Killingsworth, and the only people I ever regularly see on that corner are the Nation of Islam guys selling their paper. I'll start paying more attention.
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