Help me with a specific kind of window-shopping.
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What are some online shops with a smallish number of interesting, simple, classic items?

I really like browsing Canoe and Kauffman Mercantile because they have a smaller number of classic, simple things that are useful and also well-designed. I've bought a few cheaper items from there that were of use to me, but I mostly just like browsing the sites.
I'm looking for similar online stores. A google-type search came up with a few things, but the shops were either men's items-specific (like clothing or men's shaving gear, but nothing for women, see: this post), were really clothing-heavy (I'm more interested in housewares and those types of objects), exclusively sell things in the hundreds+ dollars, or just have way too much stuff, instead of a smaller number of well-selected things.
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Its items may be more frou than you're looking for (often whimsical rather than clean-lined and utilitarian), but Ten Thousand Villages often offers lovely, reasonably-priced items* from artisans around the world. I like this teapot.

* Versus J. Peterman's $325 pepper mill.
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Best answer: The Museum of Useful Things. Great site with lots of amazing items.
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I have had some luck clicking through some of the uncrate links, though there is a lot of chaff. You might also pick up a copy of Moncole.

I am swooning over a pencil case on the Kauffman Mercantile site.
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Best answer: Merchant No. 4 - mostly expensive, but gorgeous, and few cheaper things.
Mjolk - ditto
Brook Farms General Store
Ancient Industries
Kiosk - they do rotating collections based on places they've recently traveled
The Shop at Cooper-Hewitt
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Response by poster: Thanks all so far! I just realized the word I was grasping for while writing my post-- minimalist.
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You might like Terrain. Nice stuff. Owned by Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie but still fairly local.
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Best answer: Three by Three.
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Best answer: Manufactum
Objects of Use
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Best answer: Muji.
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Such a great question. Here are a few English sites I enjoy browsing:

Toast: House & Home
Cabbages & Roses: Homeware
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Best answer: Svpply for sure.
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Best answer: sells furniture and furniture-related items.
Urban Cottage Industries sells a range of lightbulb and lamp fixtures, which sounds boring until you see their squirrel cage filament bulbs
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Best answer: Present and Correct is a rather lovely stationery site. Sadly I have no current need for stationery...

There's also Pedlars, which is a combination novelty goods/salvage store, but they are not cheap.
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Best answer: Old Faithful in Vancouver is nice.
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Best answer: Hickoree's Hard Goods
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